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Guest Finrussak

Hyperbaric treatments: placed in a small room or even smaller closed chamber ( the size of an MRI tube or slightly larger). sealed off and filled with 100% oxygen under very high pressures. Usually for about 1-2 hrs..This allows the O2 content of the blood and tissues to increase. IF the dysautonomia is being caused by an infection OR worsened by one- then the theory is that high O2 treatment will kill enough of the viral or bacterial organisms and then the nervous system may heal. The reasoning behind using for strokes is to push higher O2 into brain tissues that have been starved by the stroke; and maybe help them to regenerate/heal.

it DOES help tissues heal ( from burns and trauma etc), but I havent seen ANY studies as to if it will even work for general dysauto or POTS etc. Most reputable sites say it is NOT a miracle cure for everything. Unfortunately many alternative practices are out for the money and so push the limit a bit with what they describe as helpful for too many conditions. Be careful. Try it ONLY if you have sx you think it will help and a strong medical rationale ( it gets expensive - requires 4-6 treatments per week for 5-6 weeks!!! and in some cases can worsen other conditions---for example in theory a tumor that hasnt yet bbeen diagnosed may LOVE the extra oxygen and vasculate quicker!)also rare but serious complications including blindness have happened.

Be wary of quick fixes that sound too good to be true....with major centers following dysautonomias and so many of us trying anything...we'd be the first to hear of a "cure"!!!

Good Luck

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