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Leaving for Baltimore/DC


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Hello, :P

Tomorrow I am flying to Baltimore. I am getting the blood volume test that I've been trying to have done for a while (my dr. and insurance company would like to know if I have low blood volume before they prescribe Procrit - which makes since)

It's the Daxor BVA-100 method which is supposedly the most accurate test available and is only at select hospitals. It's supposed to be 2 hours long and outpatient.

I definitely have some concerns because in the past I've passed out when getting my blood drawn and also when my blood pressure is really low it's really difficult to get any blood.

I'll keep you posted and let you know how the trip / test go,


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When I had mine done I had to lie flat and remain motionless. It's not painful besides the needle beig inserted.

I have one again in 2 weeks because the doc wat to make sure that I really need Procrit. Kind of annoying when I have already tested positive.

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Thanks everyone for your support! :)


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Lisa.. good lcuk on your flight and test.. I hope that all works out well for you!! and that you can get your procrit!!



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lisa -

sorry i'm a bit late chiming in, but i hope all goes well! say hello to baltimore for me...i miss it :angry: if you get this and need any recommendations on a good place for a bite to eat or what not before you head home let me know...

i'm going to be starting procrit myself so maybe we'll get to embark on the adventure together!

:rolleyes: melissa

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I was supposed to have a blood volume test many times , but kept renegging on it b/c my POTS Dr said there were risks to having it done ..something about the dye used.

Is this a Newer test than the one I am describing? And if not how many of you have had this test and were advised about the possible risks, and what did your Dr's think of it?


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WI Mom & Jenn -

re: the test, i was told there were few risks when i had it done at vanderbilt. there are older versions as well that aren't thought to be as accurate but honestly i don't know a thing about them.

essentially you have to lay still for the test (not hard for me...as long as i was flat...upright would be another story!)

they take blood (just a little) at the beginning, then inject a radioactive tracer (VERY low radioactivity...i think they told me less or about the same as one x-ray??). after a period of time, i think about 45min or an hour (my memory is failing me) they take another blood sample. the concept is that in this time the tracer has distributed evenly throughout your blood volume. by measuring the concentration they are able to tell what the blood volume is. i think i may have explained it better in a post sometime back...i'm feeling a bit tongue tied at the moment :rolleyes:

the concept could be illustrated in another context with food dye, koolaid, etc. if you have small glass of water & put a certain amount of die or powder in it and then have a large glass and put the same amount in, the smaller glass will be more highly concentrated. that's the general idea of the testing...

i wouldn't call the test "routine" as of yet b/c as lisa mentioned there aren't a lot of places that do it. even though the tracer is a small amount for each individual test, there is a lot of precaution in terms of storing radioactive materials, etc. on the medical side of things, which i'm sure keeps many facilities from wanting to deal with it. just a guess....

but the research facilities are generally interested in it, and it can be helpful in determining if low blood volume is a genuine "cause" of one's symptoms which can - theoretically - help in directing treatment options. in reality though it's not that simple b/c often even those without super low blood volume can benefit from increased blood volume. so many docs treat "as if" there is low volume & don't feel the need for the confirmation...

hope this helps,

:angry: melissa

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