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Hi everyone. I'm new to the group and have just posted my basic story in hopes that someone out there can relate. I hope noone minds that I've also posted a second topic. This is something I've thought about for awhile and I've been researching it as well.

Do any of you feel you would benefit from having a service dog?

I've often thought that my quality of life would be greatly improved if I did. Having a dog to help me up from sitting, pick items up off the floor, steady me when feeling faint, to detect changes in heart rhythm, etc.

Would love to talk about this with others.



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Even though my dogs are not "service dogs" there are some days I don't know what I do without them. My bigger dog "Buddy" is a yellow lab, one hundred twenty pounds!! Talk about instinct, that boy knows the minute I get up if I am not feeling well or not. He constantly is on my left side, (we didn't train him that way either) he is just always there. I think somehow he knows if I go down, thats the side thats going down first. I have trained him with some simple things, retrieving things, shutting the door, he can even bring me the cordless phone.

My other dog, Bandit, cocker spaniel is my cuddly dog. If I'm in bed or lying on the couch he's right up there by my side. These two are truly my companions.

On a funnier note. If my cocker gets in bed before my husband gets home he actually growls at him, as he doesn't want to give up the pillow :rolleyes:

Happy thoughts


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