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Phantom itchiness???

Dizzy Dame

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Hi all,

I've somewhat recovered from my flight. Man was that crappy!!! :( Next time I fly, I'm getting like 2 liters of fluid IV before I get on the plane.

Anyhoo, I've had this wierd symptom that comes and goes, not too worrisome but was curious to see if anyone knows what I'm talking about: I get what I call "phantom itches".

I'll have an itch, say on my arm, but when I go to scratch it, I realize it's really on my shoulder. I'll scratch the exact spot I thought was itching, but it's not right... I'm not doing a very good job explaining this.

It's like my body is telling me the wrong place. It drives me crazy. I've been forgetting to bring it up with my doctor, I'm not sure if it's a sign of some underlying neuropathy (other than Autonomic Neuropathy), but it's never been anything I thought was dire, just extremely annoying.

Just now, I scratched my entire back just to find the spot that really needed it. And a few minutes earlier I started scratching my thigh, and had to work my way down my leg to find the itch was really in my foot! I end up red all over :( I'm sure it's not an allergy, I'm not any itchier than normal, but it's like my nerves are throwing their voices (lol).

Okay, hope everyone's having more "normal" symptoms today.



Ps: Also, I just wanted to share that I got approved for Cardiac Rehab, I'm starting next week...Yay!!!

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Sounds very much like the infamous MASTOCYTOSiS look on the definition site, the explanation is the best. I have this every where and all the time. Must take almost as much antihyistamies as salt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miriam

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