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? for ladys


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hi ,

IM inneed of reasurung ,on dec 1 im haveing a histurrtume .to remove a fibrade 9 by7 .for 3 months been very sick.

so has anyone had this done .

has it helped with ther pots monthly

how was there recover. cous my bp is running in 70s how

thank you for any replys.


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I had a hysterectomy (total abdominal) two years ago. The procedure and recovery went well. It made a huige difference as far as the symptoms I had as a result of gynecological problems. Unfortunately, my heart problems were not improved and have continue to worsen over the past two years. Everyone has a differrent experience and you may or may not show improvement in your pots symptoms.


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i don't have any experience/advice to offer but just wanted to wish you well.

hang in there,

;) melissa

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I had a hysterectomy in 1986. I was very young. But I kept my ovaries.

If you have a large fibroid, it is probably making your periods much worse with a lot heavier bleeding.

Taking out the uterus, but not the ovaries will not make a difference in your hormones. Those come from the ovaries after they come from the pituitary. Some women truly believe if the uterus comes out, it will disrupt everything. If the uterus excretes any hormone, it would be so miniscule as to be non existant.

So if you have swings from your hormones and keep your ovaries, that won't change. What WILL change, is you will stop having heavy bleeding and not have so much blood loss and that may make you feel better over all.

I'm sure there are people out there that believe doing a hyst is mutilation etc on a woman. But my average blood counts were at a transfusable level all the time before my hyst. It was the best thing I ever did for myself....notabitsorrymorgan

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Good luck on the hysterectomy. I am not going into a debate to see if that's what you need since I don't know your history. I do know many docs do a myomectomy instead of a hyst.

My sister had her uterus removed 20 years ago due to severe pain it put on her lower back nerves. It was great relief and her leg pains stopped as well.

however, my sisters horrendous mood swings were so severe, she finally kept a diary of her symptoms. she still had HORRENDOUS PMS every month.

She was married to an ob-gyn and after consulting with a few others, had a doulbt oopherectomy (removed ovaries) She claims, and I believe her, that her mood was better right after surgery!!! She had horrible low BP after surgery but her mood was better.

Many years after the fact she is thrilled with BOTH decisions. I have sick periods and hormonal surges and swings and a hyst wouldn't be the way to go for me. BUT I WISH IT WERE as my periods flood, and make me very ill.

I am also in perimenopause and want to let my perionds stop on their own eventually...I am 49.

Good luck in your decision and just read A LOT to Educate yourself on what you are doing to your body.

Morgan, I just had such a sick period, I wanted to put an add in the paper. For sale: Uterus...never had kids. Cheap!!LOL

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Sophia, you so crack me up!!!! ;)

My periods were so heavy I had to double tampon and wear a maxi. They lasted ten days. I think ablation or myomectomy is a great way to go if you have a lap scope to make sure nothing else is going on.

In my case, all my broad ligaments were torn, I had horrible varicosities all over the vascular areas around my uterus and the entire inside was gross. They would have not seen that by just doing an ablation.

This is something that must discussed in great detail with your doctor, whether it's ablation, myomectomy, or hyst.

As far as ovaries, I believe your sister. I have had nothing but trouble with mine, but as I was 31, wanted nothing to do with taking them out. They have been cystic and annoying forever. The thing about removing ovaries is you are placed on hormones (typically estradiol is the drug of choice) and since you are getting an even supply of the med, you won't get the fluctuations you do when your body is doing it's natural thing.

Is this for every one, of course not. Every case is different and that's why the decision must ultimately be made by the patient and the doctor. If the doctor is not responsive to your concerns, find one who is. There are times when certain procedures just can't be done. For instance, people heal faster with a vag hyst as a rule, but not every one can get one, for various reasons.

Having worked in an ob/gyn office for 21/2 years, I certainly saw my share of them. And there were of course one or two docs I wouldn't want working on me, however, having said that, I can honestly say I never saw one done before every conservative treatment had been exhausted. The liability for these guys is horrific. I worked in a 5 physician office and it was a million a year, if they didn't mess up. So it's not small change.

Not knowing anything about the case, and even if I did, I wouldn't recommend anything. I just wanted to relate my personal experience. morgan

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