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Does POTS cause reduced peak flow?


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Yesterday I went for a check up on my breathing and they said I had a really bad peak flow requiring asthma treatment. I did have asthma as a kid and I have been suffering quite badly with my breathing lately but not in the same way.

They have told me that my florinef should of treated the asthma and the fact that I still have poor test results show I have bad asthma. This has only come on since my pots got bad so now I am wondering is it usual for us potsies to have reduced breathing peak flow or have I really got asthma. I just hate having to take more drugs!!!


Katie x

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Hi Katie,

I agree with everyone else. Poor breathing is my worst symptom, but it is NOT asthma. They proved it through a "methacholine challenge" test, trying to induce asthma. It showed I had ZERO asthma. But my breathing is very restricted...

At Mayo, they said they don't understand why, but they had patients who had to "learn how to breath again" after POTS.

Be careful that they don't medicate you for asthma if that is not what you have.

Good luck!


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Unlike some others, I have actual asthma and reactive airway. I get a barking cough and very junky with mucous during an attack. The asthma is probably an after effect of many years of allergies and sinus problems. I think my airways just get aggravated, and then something small, like perfume or cooking smoke, will set off an attack.


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Yeah- lots of us have trouble breathing but it's not asthma. When I'm on form and do a peak flow test, they are usually impressed with the results as I have huge lungs, but I definitely don't have asthma.

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Thanks for your advice everyone, I am really confused now!!!

I don't have the coughing that is assosiated asthma and I know when I have bad attacks with my breathing it is not the same as when my husband does (he definately has asthma!) However my breathing is definately effected my exercize, after walking up the stairs I find it hard to catch my breath but I am sure that is due to my massive increase in HR.

Now they have prescribed my becolmetasone diproprionate 100 2 puffs twice daily as a preventer. I hate taking more drugs, especially as it is another sterroid and I am already on fludrocortisone. This is my third day of taking it and so far my breathing is worse- has anyone experienced this before? Is it possible for it to make me worse or is it just a coinsidence?

Thanks again


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Ditto on the "breathing difficulties but not asthma" issue. I have reduced peak flow but have NEVER had asthma my whole life. This feels nothing like asthma, from what my friends with asthma tell me. I also do not wheeze, nor do I have difficulty when exercising. My problem, like Diana says, seems to be that I forgot how to breathe, and that my airways are permanently constricted. It gets worse on standing and better when I lie flat.

I am going for further pulmonary testing next week and will report back if I learn anything about this problem, for all of our benefit.


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