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Mystery Diagnosis

Dizzy Dame

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Hmmm..not on TLC as of 11;20pm.

Did yuu mean ESDT or another time zone? Or doesn't Discovery have some similar show like this?

I will check the online guide. I am interested in such a show.

**Edit ** It's Discovery Health Channel.

I just looked online....I hope I didn't miss the segment but hopefully it will repeat.

Interesting show...her Celiac improved with pregnancies.

Doctors said her fatigue and dizzienss was stress..husband thought she was lazy.

people told her 'how good she looked' until she wanted to puke.

She has leg pain and can only stand a couple of minutes! Wow.

Thanks for posting about this.

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Yes, INDEED it's a beginning. THANKS For posting about this and I am glad I scanned this page tonight.

Both segments are proving to be very interesting..albeit lacking in detail but HEY, it's a start, like you said!! Yippee.

I want to catch the repeat.

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