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SO there seem to be a lot of us with GERD. Is that just a reflection of the general population? Or is it in us usually related to dysautonomia? I know there are some parts of dysaut. that can cause it, but is that really a sign of autonomic dysfunction, if your sphincters don't completely close or whatever?

Just curious about your opinions on this.


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I've asked my gastro doc on more than one occcasion, Is GERD a disease of the ANS (the pyloric sphincter doesn't close properly) or is it a disease of function (my hiatal hernia pulling the sphincter open?) His answer, "it could be both."

In other words, in my case, I do have a hiatal hernia which could widen the opening in the sphincter making it more difficult to close properly. But obviously, to me anyway, there are certain situations and foods that affect the working of this valve.

I think it is both. I was told that the valves in my leg veins don't work that great and that is why I have varicous veins (the veins that are ugly and are obvious).

Maybe many valves in my body have a problem?!

It would be interesting to see how many others on here have a GERD problem?

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Have gerd here also. What came first, the chicken or the egg? I don't know if I had dysautonomia long before I had GERD but just did not know it , but I also had IBS diagnosed since I was about 16 or so.

Interesting you should bring this up, my GERD has just reared its ugly head again, and it is very nasty this time. ARrrrgh!

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for me i've been told that my GERD is part of the package. of course there's no way to prove this, but the theory is (for me) that it's part of the slow motility/gastroparesis. b/c with food, liquids, etc. staying in my stomach longer there's more chance of reflux. makes sense to me...

:) melissa

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New question regarding GERD- my only symptoms of it have been constant heartburn and a persistent cough. I now am having major pain in the upper-right quadrant of my abdomen (for 4 days now) and am going to the doctor today, but at the University's nurses unit, they said its location indicates either liver, gallbladder, or something epigastric that could be related to the GERD...

Do any of you have this kind of abdominal pain with it? I've never had it before, and if it is the GERD might it be a complication from it, or could it just be a 'normal' symptom that i'm going to have to keep living with?

I don't drink enough to have liver problems, I don't think... I mean, I'm in a UK University, but still! It could be gallbladder as the pain goes through to my back as well.. anything else? because I'm not having other abnormal digestive problems- I mean, I have IBS, so how could you tell, but they're not abnormal for IBS..

Oh and I don't have gastroparesis or slow digestion.. on the contrary, I have very rapid digestion (and ergo the opposite of constipation).

Sorry if I'm rambling! I'm used to long-lasting stomach pain below my navel, but not here!


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For me, it's probably related to EDS III, as hiatal hernias are common with EDSers. I have a sliding hiatal hernia, and as a result, I have persistent issues with GERD, gastric erosions and edema, as well as pyloric and duodenal edema, erosions, etc. Nina

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Hi guys, thanks for responding.

I went to the doctor yesterday, and she asked me what I was studying, told me to hop onto the bed, and she felt my abdomen. I got down, she wrote out a prescription (for a new antacid), said it was probably just dietary changes or the water.. and then I left.

She didn't ask me what the pain was like, how long it'd been here, if I had had abdominal pain with GERD before, if my current GERD med seemed to be working, how long I'd been in the country, IF I had had any dietary changes, or mention anything about the diarrhea I'd told the nurse about. I haven't had any dietary changes, since I'm vegan and this is Britain (as opposed to India or Brazil or someplace) I eat the same stuff, and moreover I've been here for nearly 3 months so I should be over any dietary issues already.

The nurse I saw in the Nurses' Unit (separate from the Health Centre) asked about gallbladder stuff, and thought that the doctor would at least to an ultrasound... I guess they don't want to waste tests on people if they're not visibly in danger. So I guess my plan of action is that if gets really bad any time soon, I'll go back to the 24-hour Nurses' Unit and they'll decide if I need to go to the hospital or whatever. Grrr... ;)

OH well- the pain is tolerable, anyway.

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