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achy legs!


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My legs are SO achy! I'm sure it's part of the pots. Do you guys get this too? It's nearly 3am here and I can't sleep because my legs and the small of my back have this constant dull ache:(

In other news, I started my essay today- have done 600 words. I CAN write, after all! I was completely incapacitated all weekend except for typing idle gossip on here while lying flat! It's easier than thinking about writing an essay on a topic that you've never ever read about anywhere else before :angry:

I need to sleep- I'm going to be SO shattered tomorrow :)

this keeps happening- I don't get to sleep til the middle of the night these days:(

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Hey persephone,

I have this problem all the time. My legs usually start to hurt at night and the pain progresses to the point where it sometimes keeps me up all night--and it's an ache like you describe. My doctors diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, but my new POTS doc says the leg pain at night is just a wierd POTS symptom. I do have fibro. but my doc says this is different...something to do with blood vessels but I can't remember the exact reason.

I've learned that tylenol helps a little sometimes, but usually nothing really helps.

Sorry I can't offer you any more advice, but you're not alone.

Hope you get some sleep,


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Oh persephone.. I am sorry that it is the middle of the night and that those achy legs are keeping you awake!!

I can relate to legs pain.. it freakin' stinks!.. the only thing that I have found that takes the egde off of the pain is toradol.. its an anti-inflammatory.. but you cant tkae it for more then 5 days at atime.. as it cause some GI issues i believe.. something w/ the tummy..

other then that...elavating your legs some that helps alittle too..

my pain will typically start in the middle of the night or late evening.. and will last for a few hours or a few days.. dpending on things..

also I have noticed that when it rains or snows.. and is damp outside that my leg pain is worse.. also if I spend to much time on my feet.. triggers it too..

did your scooter get fixed yet? i certainly hope tha they fixed it for you!!!

I hope that you feel better perse..

hugs and sweet dreams


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I have Restless Legs Syndrome which involves terrible pain in my calves (burning sometimes). It usually occurs (for me) because my legs are very active when I sleep and my poor circulation is related to my dysplastic blood vessels. My cardio prescribed Klonopin 1mg at night for this particular problem. Good luck!


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Persephone, I'm sorry you're having the achy legs, but I'm glad someone finally posted on this. Yes, my son and I both have the painful legs,esp. knee down. On top of that, I have a strange reaction to certain meds (remeron and phenergan)that causes me to have restless leg syndrome. Hope you feel better.


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