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Distended Abdomen

Dizzy Dame

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Hey there gang,

Over the past few days my abdomen has been tender and I can't seem to find a comfortable postition. Today I looked in the mirror and I look like I'm about four months pregnant (not bulging, but I'm sure someone who saw me would think I was carrying a child). I've been "irregular" lately, and my last bm was several days ago. THe pain I feel isn't a "gassy" pain (sorry to be graphic), but more like the pain you get when you cramp up excersizing or swimming after a meal (for those of you who know what that feels like).

Here's my question: should I go to urgent care? I have a doctor's appointment on the 31st, so should I wait until then? Have any of you had this happen before?

I'm getting a little worried. I've never had my tummy bulge out like this.

Thanks in advance,


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I guess before I started trying to get myself unloaded so to speak, I'd get checked out. Have you been nauseated, eating less or more, eating something different, belching a lot. You can be pretty miserable from constipation, but if it's not something you ever deal with, it's good to find out why you're having a problem now, especially if nothing else has changed, like diet or meds or something.

Bowel problems are pretty common with most of us, but a sudden onset can signal something, would hate to see you wait that many more days to poop....morgan

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You are cracking me up...sorry...but you sure are bringing up all the fun topics these days--sex, poop...what's next???

Really though, you've gotta poop girl. If you are not used to going for days without going...you need to go! :) So, as Nina would say, "get thee to a doctor".

Also, it sounds like you should have it checked out.

I know, it's so hard to know WHAT to worry about and what not to. But, listen to MommyMorgan on this one! :angry:

Okay, I'm being really goofy!


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OMG you guys are cracking my up! Stop! It hurts to laugh. :lol:

I'll call my doctor tomorrow. In the meantime I'll think "relaxing" thoughts. (LOL)

I don't know why I've been talking about all this stuff lately (guess I can't get my mind out of the gutter :angry: )

Oh, and Emily, it's tender everywhere, but mostly bi-laterally just below my ribs. It's also hard to the touch, as though I'm flexing my muscles, but still distended. It's rather rediculous actually...I'm so skinny and I've got this big buddah-belly right now. :)

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hey there lauren..

I feel like I am always adding a "me too" to alot of posts latley..

SO here it comes Me too!!

my doc can tell just by looking at my stomach that I am having "GI distress"my stomach will get majorly distended.. and of course there is the pain and piking.. and well way too much pooping.. or no poopping at all..right now I am going through a work up as last week.. things were not looking so great.. or sound to great..(meaning when the doc/ listened to my guts.. she didnt like what she heard...)

Sorry that you cant find a comfy position..

I see that you are going to the doc tomorrow.. that is good.. have things checked out to make sure that nothing serious is going on..

um to help you poo.. you could try drinking prune juice or eating like raisins or something.. its a natural. I realize that prune juice isnt real tasty.. but if you want to avoid more meds.. that is if it is constipation...just a thought..

I know that my goddaughter has a terrible time pooping.. and she gets belly aches..(she is only 3yrs old).. so beck makes her drink and eat prunes and rainins and stuff to help it along..

I"m not sure what else to say.. um good luck tomorrow I hope that all goes well for you.. and aht you get some help..and some relief!!

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OK this is reaaaaally wierd.

Yesterday I felt fine, but today my stomach started acting up again. I look like I'm about six months pregnant right now, my abdominal muscles hurt from being stretched. I have been "regular" the past few days so it couldn't have anything to do with that.

This is too strange. The only thing I can think of that could have caused this is I ate three cookies about an hour ago, along with a bagel and cream cheese. I usually avoid flour, and carbs, but I was having a "baked goods" craving today and decided it would be fine.

I think I'm going to have to go over to the urgent care, my tummy feels like it's about to explode :lol::)

Has anyone here ever had this happen to them? Could the bread-stuffs have done it?


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I must be in a really crummy mood, having had a miserable week or so following chemo and nulasta (spelling).

However, I just get increasingly frustrated when my fellow members raise questions that can only be answered by a physician, in particular one who is evaluating you in person.

When you pose a question about abdominal tenderness, etc., wouldn't that raise a red flag that you should be speaking with your doctor, not with us? You could having nothing serious, but then again....

Please feel free to chastise me for sounding so irritated. However, I do not think POTSPLACE is a medical forum where you should go to get competent medical advice.

Am I alone in my position? I think that perhaps we should have some guidelines in place about seeking this kind of medical advice from us lay people.

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WOW! you recieved a rather not so nice message...

we are suppose to support each other hear.. not make them feel bad for asking a question...

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Sorry, but you specifically asked if you should go to urgent care! To tell you all the truth, if I was concerned enought to consider going to urgent care, I certainly wouldn't wait to see what my friends--most of whom have never met me and most of whom have not been trained to diagnose what situations should warrant urgent care and certainly not have been trained to make medical diagnoses either in person or without examining a patient (assuming we were medical doctors). I guess I am just feeling particularly cranky. Perhaps I am alone in how I reacted. Or, do others share my opinion?

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DD -

hope you were able to get things checked out & that you're feeling better. let us know how you're doing.

DD et al -

the confusion about asking about going to urgent care arose (i believe) b/c in the ORIGINAL post the question was asked directly. in the follow-up post it wasn't. so i think different people were looking at different posts...

it is definitely true that one should not be depending on the forum for this decision, but i can see how - depending on the situation - the question could be asked, perhaps more in a "thinking out loud" fashion rather than really using it to decide - when trying to figure out if something is "normal" or not &/or how quickly it needs attention...esp when one is newer to autonomic craziness & without feedback could easily feel like they needed to be living at a doc's office to explain all the new symptoms! also, i know for me urgent care isn't always just for "urgent" things but if you cannot get to your regular physician (appt is later, they're out of town, etc).

so....certainly no one should be delaying getting to a doc, calling his/her doc, etc. if/when symptoms necessitate.

sometimes what someone writes & what another reads may - however seemingly obvious to the person reading/writing - may not always be the same, i.e. with a rhetorical question...thus the downside to internet communication.

:) melissa

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Hi all,

First of all, I'm sorry if this post caused confusion.

Ok. That said, I went to urgent care last night, and, of course the doc had no idea what was going on. He told me I proably had gas after a less than 5 minute exam. Just as they were getting ready to send me home I had some sort of wierd "grey out" (I'd just stood up to shake the doctors hand). I fell and hit my head on the exam table. Of course, the doctor freaked out and called for an ambulance to take me to the ER.

It's interesting how the doctor reacted. I'd told him that I had Dysautonomia, and OI: he knew I had the capacity to grey out. Still, I guess they don't believe you until they see it.

Soooooo I was in the ER for about 5 hours. They did bloodwork, took x rays and everything was normal (which I could have told them to begin with and saved everyone a little bit of time and money :P ). Bottom line: waste of a trip. I guess I'll have to talk to my POTS doc when I see him on monday.

Thanks for listening to my ramble. Hope everyone had a better day.



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I think it was safer you get checked at the ER since you hit your head during the fall.

Once I fainted in the doctor's office in hit my head hard on the wall. He did not call the ambulance and it turned out that I had a concussion. It took about 3 months and a PT to fix the injury.

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I HAVE BEEN HAVING THE EXACT PROBLEM! I think it is a good idea to have it checked, but I wanted you to know that I've been "regular" lately, but I feel like I'm incredibly bloated. It's not gas. the area around my two lower ribs and around my diaphragm is sore, and my ribs can ache just like they did when I was pregnant. My ribs sometimes feel like they are being pulled apart.

Interestingly, I feel more distended than I actually look sometimes. I did notice that if I push on the edges of my lower ribs a little, I can feel a tender spot that seems like an irritated nerve.

Personally, I believe that the docs just haven't figured it out yet, but whatever is going on there may be related to my breathing difficulty.

Please let me know what your doc says!

Do you have breathing problems?


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