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Hard time using the computer


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Hi everyone!!

Amongst all of my other problems, one thing I have always looked forward to even though I don't post much anymore is reading posts on this site. Now I am lucky if I can sit and read one or two posts. I get extremely dizzy trying to read anything on the screen and have to keep looking away!! Does this happen to anyone else??

Typing isn't bad, because I made my daughter type this :)



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I have an incredibly difficult time reading on the computer. And, I cannot read books or magazines at all anymore. I do all books on tape.

I don't have any good answers...just wanted you to know that you are not alone.

I usually log on here and there...throughout the day...like for five minutes at a time. Just depends on the day. I have days when I can stay online for a while and days when I cannot be online at all.

I have more trouble with reading than with typing...don't know why, probably b/c I can type and look away from the screen.

I often just choose one or two posts that grab my attention and that's it for the day. It may seem then, that I am 'playing favorites', but that is not the case...it's just that the energy to read more posts is not there. I just do what I can do...

I also print all of my emails to read in parts and to re-read until I absorb all of the info. It's much easier for me to read them on paper than on the screen...

Hope this makes you feel a little less alone...


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