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Great Doctor in Georgia

Dizzy Dame

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Hi all,

I just had the most WONDERFUL doctor's visit of my life. I went to see the doctor who'se wife had dysautonomia. It turns out he's not a neurologist, but he's an internist and he works loosely with the people at Vandy. He's also a friend of Dr. Grubb's.

He went over my file and answered ALL of my questions, even the wierd ones ;) He also says he's treated over 30 cases of POTS, and (for those of you wondering about recovery rates, he says that 80% of the patients he's seen have gotten better within 10 years of onset of symptoms). I'm not saying that's true for all POTS cases, that's just what he told me he's seen.

So... For those of you who live in the Atlanta area who aren't satisfied with the treatment you're getting, you should check out Dr. Stephen Berry at the Longstreet Clinic in Gainsville, GA. There is a website you can go to www.longstreetclinic.com.

On another note, Dr. Berry's going to be sending me to Vandy within the next three weeks. They're setting up the appointment now. Are any of you going to be there around that time? We should get together for Gatorade :) .

- Lauren

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THANK YOU!! It's great to hear there's a doc in GA, other than the peds doc my son sees, that is knowledgeable with dysautonomia. I'll keep his name, in case my cardio appt. on the 26th goes poorly.

Thanks again and good luck at Vanderbilt!!


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lauren -

i'm SO happy for you. i know how awesome it can be to have such a great doc experience. does he happen to have a clone...or at least a twin...in cleveland??


B) melissa

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hey lauren that is great!! you have a great doc!! WAHOO!! awesome to hear good doctor stories!!

Wish i lived close to some of you!! I'd love to get together for gatorade.. and lounge in a recliner talking and what not!!

well here is to a cyber gatorade cheer!

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