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applying for a job


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hey all,

i am feeling somewhat better and want to try for a job, only part-time but a little money is better than nothing. anywho how much do you guys disclose about youru health when you apply or do not say anything? i know i am better in the afternoon...and this is a job in the PM.

any info would be greatly appreciated. :)


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It would depend on the severity of sxs. If your sxs are controlled by meds and you know your pms are good, you may not need to disclose anything or only on a need-to-know basis. Full-time work is totally different as it would be hard to keep dysautonomia under wraps for forty hours a week every week. If you will require special accomodations, let the employer know up front. It's generally better to get it out in the open from the onset of employment so that there are no big surprises later. You may miss out on a job or two by doing this but in the long run I think it is better. If an employer is reluctant to hire you because of your health it probably isn't going to be the type of employer you need. But.... everyone is different and levels of disability vary greatly so it is an indiviual issue.


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I agree with Carmen, everyone is different. If your case is well controlled and you know you won't have problems working then that's one issue. However, if you struggle at all and aren't sure if you can work or not then it's probably best to let them know.

One thing to keep in mind...if you disclose up front that you are disabled then you have ADA protection for your job. If you do not disclose your condition up front and later have issues about attendance, dr appts etc then you will not have the same kind of support. There are some exceptions to this though.

I do know if there are any medical forms asking if you have a condition that would impact your work you better answer honestly.

In my case, I was on Social Security disability years back and was able to successfully return to work. After my work trial ended (and thus my benefits ended because I showed successful gainful employment after 8 months). When I took a new job I did not mark that I was disabled because though I had the condition I didn't feel it impacted my ability to work and I was not longer receiving monetary benefits for the condition. I was able to successfully work for nearly 4 years and suddenly my body turned on me. I did have some help from ADA at that point because I had worked nearly 4 years full time being very successful at it.

On the other hand if this is a part-time job to bring in extra income but not a "career" then you may not care as much if you are let go for attendance or illness issues. You may find it easier to get a job if you don't disclose.

Depending on what your skills are, you might want to look for a state job on a part time basis. Generally, state and federal agencies are much better about not discriminating against handicap and they offer good benefits.

Good luck with whatever you decide!

Are you on disability now where maybe you could take advantage of a return to work program or vocational rehab?

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Thanks everyone,

I just got an application...had to put on the no nervous face. :D Anyways, it asks any comments, for past employment, but honestly i have never been employed, and i am 20. does it look weird if i just put never been employed, but have worked on the family farm? i mean my main symptom is usually a little fatigue, but i can work around that, i have mastered functioning with only four hours of sleep, so i know it's possible. :rolleyes: i know i am bad. hehe

anywho thanks for the support,


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