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Nervous, have to go for additonal tests


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Sorry about dumping a pity post on the board now but my 4 year old just does not want to listen to medical problems anymore ;) go figure! lol I have been having occasional episodes of chest tightness, no pain, high heartrate at rest and tachy when I get up and move around. I had this since Fri. over the weekend I could feel the pressure in my face, almost like being choked around the neck. My b/p was usually 100/80 or 95/75, not bad by far but for what I was feeling I thought for sure it would be higher. The tachy from moving around would jump to the 120's. Its gotten better but comes and goes. Still getting out there and trying to keep moving and making pathetic attempts to exercise. Saw cardio yesterday and while he did not say much he did say he want's to repeat the echo/stress test I had a year ago just to be sure. When I questioned him if he thought this was just more dysautonomia symptoms he said yes but want's to make sure. I asked if he was worried or looking for something and said no. He knows I am a worry wart nut. I always worry that they are not being totally honest with a patient, but I have been with him for over 10 years.

I hate tests. I worry to the extreme of the worst case scenario of what they will find. Last year I had the usual show, MVP with trace regurgitation of valves. Been that way for years. Dump a nasty head and chest cold on top and I am sure I will be huffing and puffing during the stress test, lucky if I make 3 minutes.

So I sit here blowing my nose, coughing and worrying incessantly about Mondays tests, thinking will I see my kids grow up etc,,see where I am going? What has changed, whats gotten worse etc. Straight downhill with this negative thinking :lol:

This is going to be a looooong weekend. Thanks for listening.

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To worry about the unknown .... ahhhhh yes, how normal t is is for any of us.

My conditioned mind goes into overdrive when I have tests done. Because after all ... if I feels THIS BAD it only makes sense that SOMETHING DREADFUL is wrong with me. Seems logical enough.

So what to DO about those voices? When we try and ignore them ... they get louder. So what if we try and watch them ... listen to the voice as if we were listeing to our best friend. We wouldn't take it personally. We wouldn't even have to believe the story it was telling. We just listen, perhaps thank it for it's opinion and then let it go for that moment. We may need to do that over and over. Each time touching it gently and letting go.

My kids and I talk about those voices of self-doubt or suffering and we practice disidentification. So cool to have my nine year old over hear me fretting about something and then to have her come over and say "...that sounds like conditioned mind Mommy..." And just like that we all remind each other to wake up.

Good thoughts your way.


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Hi momforcem,

A comment about your fear of next week's stress test and only being able to last 3 minutes. I was scared for my last one, too, and my doctor told me to quit worrying and said "It's not a competition. Don't worry about how long you last." It took the pressure off.

Rest lots between now and then. Drink lots and lots and lots of fluids. We'll be thinking of you.

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Find comfort in knowing that your doctor is listening to you and re checking things to confirm their are no changes. Just do as best as you can do and stop when you need to. Remember the doctor and other staff will there monitoring, and keeping things under control. These are the things I repeat to myself when I am undergoing more testing. Rest plenty and take care of that cold. Sorry to hear you are sick with one on top of it. And monday take some deep breaths as you begin and remember the test will soon be done. Rest plently after. I think EM's advice was wonderful. Take Care! You will be in my thoughts!

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