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Sparkling or Still Water


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I'm not sure if I am imagining this or not, but does anyone else drink sparkling water??

I always drink sparkling water in the evening, there is a particular brand of Italian water and it really is the very best taste, it is also full of very good minerals etc.

I always keep water by my bed at night, I usually have to have a drink at about 4am, I always wake up in a terrible state with a mouth as dry as anything, and if I don't drink I can't physically get up. However, with a drink during the night it is much easier.

This is the bit I am not sure if I am imagining, a couple of times recently I have put the sparkling water by the bed, and it seems to be easier to get out of bed in the morning, than when I just drink the still

Can sparkling water re-hydrate you quicker?? Or is it because the water is a mineral water, rather than filtered??

I don't know, but it seems to make me feel better for a bit??

Either way I plan to stock up this weekend, before the horrors of next week.

Confused in England <_<

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Some bottled waters have naturally occuring salts disolved in them--so that combo of salt of H2O could possibly help you rehydrate and bulk your total fluid volume more quickly that tap water.

Nina <_<

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<_< thank you for reassuring me i am not going mad ;)

I have just checked their site and this brand does seem to have a good dose of sodium, as well as magnesium & Potasium (which i believe is good for people on florinef)

I shall do some further research, but think i shall be sticking to mineral from now on, for my overnight drinks.

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Thanks for posting this! I keep tap or filtered tap by my bed and try to drink if I wake in the middle of the night or before getting out of bed in the morning -- but I think I'll make the switch. Makes a LOT of sense and I hadn't thought of it. Great tip!

PS What brand is it? Maybe I can find it on this side of the pond?

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Hi Merrill

i have done some search on the web, and it seems you do have it on your side of the pond.

It is one of the most expensive over here (everything is <_< ) however, it really does taste the best, (good enough for Leonardo da Vinci. good enough for me) and is not too sparkling, i tend to alternate with a scottish water as well, which isn't as nice, but it's ok and a lot less expensive.

I really it hope it helps you - be keen to know how you get on...


San Pellegrino (believe me better in glass bottles, i don't know why)

(US Address)

777 West Putnum Avenue

Greenwich, CT


Owned by Nestle, SA


Spring Water Analysis milligrams per liter (mg/l)*

Calcium 208.6

Magnesium 58.0

Sodium 43.8

Potassium 2.9

Chloride 66.2

Fluoride 0.7

Lithium .2

Bicarbonates 222.7

Sulfate 540.0

pH 5.2

TDS 1,074 (* except TDS, which are pars per million)

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L, thanks for the details! I can't believe that water's so chock full o' the stuff we need. Yes, we can buy San Pellegrino over here (I live in Chicago and it's easy to find -- it's very expensive here too). I've recently discovered their Limonata, a lemon sparkly soda that's a fantastic treat. Not for middle of the night replenishing! I'll get the plain stuff for that. Thanks again for the tip. Be well and cheerio! <_<

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Let me know how you get on!

We are starting to see lots of new types of soda over here in the UK, it's great. You may or may not have heard this but a great tip for quick rehydration is a sachet of salt, in diet coke - just pour the salt in a cup, and slowly stir the coke (really slowly though otherwise it bubbles and before you know it you have a wet lap!)

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