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Pharmacotherapy for Autonomic Disorders – lecture from Dr Blair Grubb

Sarah Tee

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I had missed this one somehow, so just thought I would post it in case others had missed it too:


Dr Grubb looks at the important studies for a long list of medications, and also for increasing salt and fluid intake, and IV saline. Very good overview.

Also good Q&A in second half.

He talks about auto-immune and auto-inflammatory aspects of autonomic disorders and cases he has collected of patients with POTS who have received biologics for other diagnoses and have had their POTS symptoms improve.

I know @Pistol has mentioned Dr Grubb’s work on the innate immune system, which is very interesting.

Note: The sound isn’t perfect but the slides are clear.

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Thank you for posting this.  I truly thought I had gone through all the presentations of the 2022 conference and I always pay attention to anything Dr. Grubb presents.  But I did not see this one.  It is a great presentation ; succinct , with excellent summaries of treatments backed by studies.  Very timely for me as my cardiologist and I are ready to try different medications.

Have you been able to get the 2023 conference presentations?  I was able to see only six and wondered if access to the others would be available.

Thanks again for the investigative research that you do and for sharing.  We have had some excellent, well organized summaries about Dysautonomia concerns. akj



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@akj, I think the 2023 ones are being released gradually.

I have to admit, I have not paid registration to any of the DI conferences. I have an old computer and live in a different time zone, so that’s my excuse. I send the occasional donation instead and just watch the lectures as they are released to the free channel.

I should get myself organised to register and watch live next conference.

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My dad has signed up for the conference lectures. Only $25US, although they will be released for free as the year goes on.

The one from Dr Novak on cerebral hypoperfusion is the drawcard for me, and it hasn’t been released yet.

Edited to add: Discovered that not all the lectures have made available for people who have registered yet. Unfortunately Dr Novak’s talks are not up yet. I was hoping to watch it before my next specialist appt.

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