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POTS and Summer Heat


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The heat of summer here in the US is making my POTS worse.  I can't tolerate the heat & I feel I am about to pass out a lot so I don't want to be outside.  I get vertigo & dread these am appointments but no way to avoid them.  I have a few morning appointments I need to keep.  What can you suggest for early morning travel when it can't be avoided.  I'm thinking an Ativan might calm my vestibular system or it might make my POTS worse.  Any suggestions?  Thanks

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@gertie I hear you, I also suffer from the summer heat! I have often cancelled appointments last minute because I just could not get there. Now I get twice weekly IV fluids and schedule them around my appointments, so I get one the day before. It helps a lot, but I also understand that this is not available for everyone. Make sure you hydrate extra good that morning and the day before, and try to rest to preserve your energy the day before. 

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