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Had some flurries last night, (episode)


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I had a good run there of about a month that I was doing fairly well. No major symptoms. Then BAM! After dropping my son off at footbal practice I ran to pay a bill. While driving I could tell that something was coming on. I could feel my heart was begining to beat faster. I did check my rate with my mio watch and at it went from the 90's to 100's and at one point it was 130. I have an event monitor which I pulled out and put up against my chest. I made it to the store and paid my bill. My rate was still high and I had the chills and teeth chatters by that point. My head usually feels like it will explode and I can feel pressure behind my eyes. I would swear that if I look in mirror my eyes would be the size of an owl's..sounds crazy but they feel so wide and open, guess it is adrenaline.

Unfortunately it took a long time to lower, it always lowers gradually as well as it gets gradually faster when the episode starts. It stayed in the 90's all night. I felt the adrenaline running all night, feeling like it could happen at anytime. BTW my reading showed 110?(it certainly felt faster than that) and sinus rhythm.

So here I sit, complaining, feeling sorry for myself, my body aching from the adrenaline rush, feeling on edge, my bp is still hovering a little high 110/120 over 84, feeling back at square one. Like I may never get those good days back again. Those kids have to get off to school and me off to work.

Anyone get high b/p during an episode and feel the gradual onset and offset of the tachycardia? What about the adrenaline hanging around the body all night? The bit high b/p hanging around afterwards? (possibly from anxiety leftover?)

Thank you all for letting me whine, now can someone pass the cheese and crackers to go along with it?

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I don't feel like you are whining at all!! I understand your frustration.

Is your BP normally a lot lower? Because the bp you list 110/120 over 84 is usually considered an excellent BP.

They usually say if the top # is 130 or above it's getting high and if the bottom number is over 90 then they consider that getting high (although many Dr's don't worry about the bottom # unless it's over 100).

Anyway.... I've had episodes similar to what you describe although my heart rate seldom goes below 100 to begin with and when I get tachy I tend to hover 170-180 heart rate but I am left with the yucky feeling that hangs around like you mention. I think it is from your body being flooded with hormones.

I hope you feel much better today and don't have another episode like that!!

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That sounds poopey, but I'm sure you'll have good days again. I wonder, though, if the fear of having another tachy episode made your adrenaline surge. I know that I sometimes get so afraid when my heart begins to race, that I make it race even more.

I sometimes get massages to help get the adrenaline out of my system after a really bad week. I've heard that the lactic acid produced when someone has an adrenaline surge stays in the muscles and makes them achy. Maybe getting a massage will help get all that nasty stuff out of your system so you'll feel better faster. And even if it doesn't help you for that reason, at least it'll feel really good. :)


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