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is ,ncs in the mind.....


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hi Everybody,

It has been like all the doc s have told me the same thing,& most I have read seem to think ncs is related to stress.,or perssonality disorter.

I do know for myself if get to focested on NOT passing out in a public place I start notising the pvcs,tightness in chest and all that stuff more. BUT if I do not think about {what if I pass out} I can do alot and live rarely normal. but then I still pass out alot bp normal range 70/40. but tired al the time.

My family trys to understand but ,every time we go ANYwhere out of the house he asks me contsitly HOW YOU FELL,this just adds to frustation.sorry so not so good at writing.

ANY in put out there?


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NCS - or any of the related dysautonomias - do NOT have any connection to personality disorder. stress can definitely be a trigger of symptoms for some, to varying degrees, but is only one of a plethera of factors. for me i have never found any correlation with emotional stress; physical stressors seem to be more of a "trigger" for me. but stress in & of itself is not THE cause of NCS. it's a physical disorder and while stress MAY play a role for some, it's not necessarily a direct correlation. it's a given for many chronic illnesses that added stressors can make things worse (b/c they stress the body further), but this doesn't mean NCS automatically means stress.

some individuals do notice that their emotions & whether or not they are worried about fainting in a given moment can affect what actually happens, but that doesn't mean they have "caused" their NCS per se.

it's great that you've realized thinking about things less allows you to do more; being preoccupied with illness can be exhausting. the same can be the case for anything....devoting a lot of time/energy/thought to anything - good or bad - can make that thing a much "bigger deal" and can create a cycle. i've found it's a balance between not ignoring my health & taking necessary precautions but also not being so concerned about what "might happen" that i don't ever give things a try.

i would recommend you read some of the info on NCS & dysautonomic on the main site as it will give you a lot more good info...

take care,

:P melissa

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Hi Lizzy B)

Yeh it can be annoying when people constantly bug you about your health when you are trying to be as 'normal' as you can be. On the other side of the coin its annoying when people just ignore it.

Maybe you could tell them (in a nice friendly tone ... otherwise they may jump on the defensive) that you will let them know if you are worried about being outside alone and will inform them of your bad times .... but that you would prefer to try and be as normal as possible and not think about poor health in the times that its not impacting on you TOO strongly.

I mean it makes sense that when someone asks you those questions that it actually can make you feel worse, as you go inside your body to seek out how you are feeing and you notice all the bits of your body that hurt or feel weak that you may not have noticed before.

Stress is a major trigger for me. Especially with school work... however i suppose in someways thats a physical trigger isnt it. It drives me nutty when each time i leave my room or see my parents they ask "hows the essay going" .... it use to trigger a stress response every time they said it and id just scream at them to please not ask me every time i see them as it just freaks me out. They really didnt get it, i understand that it was irrational on my side. Its just that i was already always thinking about it so when people add onto that it does get frustrating. Thankfully i am not as stressed as i used to be (or i think its more that i am healthier so it does not take so much energy to do things).

Obviously i dont know you, so i dont feel its right for me to dismiss your drs suggestions. However it does seem that alot of people on this board have been put in the psychological basket and then later found out that it was purely physical all along. That does not mean that its the case for everyone though. Its such a messy thing diagnosis... if one thing in the body goes wrong it effects so many other parts. (personality especially.... why the **** wouldnt you change personalityor at least bring out new characteristics if the whole nature of your body has changed and you have to deal with a whole new world GAH)

It sounds like you are on the ball with trying to not let it rule your life... :D

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thank you for your relpy! you seemed to understand the question. I have megga

brain frog.and not good @writing or computers at all.but trying here.I beleve the only sice ploblem I have is depption from the life I had 6 years ago and docs not beleving me that I am sick. does anyone feel this wayand how did you fight it . right now I am just having a bad week, for 3 months no food will stay down,or fliuts,very pots .afaid will lose job ,passing out alot and to weak to do job.just frutrated with being so so tired

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Personality disorder?! Well, that's a new one. Just when I think doctors can't surprise me anymore.. I can't even begin to tell you how many medications I was prescribed for anxiety/depression over a 2 year period before I was ever taken seriously. I'm very sorry for what you have to go through.

I was diagnosed with POTS after having an ablation (ugh! i seriously don't recommend those - i had a normal life, somewhat, before the ablation). I was diagnosed by a doc at Mayoclinic in MN and my FL cardiologist promised to help with my follow up care locally. The only help she meant was looking it up online and printing out one sheet of information.

It's a little scary not having any doctors in my town who understands what I have. It makes trips to the ER pretty worthless. I can't tell you how many times I've been drug tested at the ER - I'm not sure if it's me saying I have "POTS" (yet explaining further) or just the symptoms I am displaying.

Know that you aren't alone and this board is here for support if you aren't getting enough from home.

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