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The Best Day Of My Life


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Today has felt like the best day of my life.

I started colledge yesterday, but didnt turn up due to a massive anxiety episode that left me scared and upset, so i called in sick. Today i went to colledge and faced all my fears, at first it was hard, then i said to myself:

'Your hear now, if you collapse on the floor theres help around, stop looking for escape doors and just sit down a shut up, this is your future, dont let you mind mess it up'

I actually said something like that in my head. I calmed down, sipped regular ammounts of water and got on with it. The anxiety levels automaticlly dropped, and everything felt normal, i could speak aloud infront of people, i could walk down small corridors and not get scared. I had the od skipped/extra heart beat that sent the odd cough through the quite room, but apart from that i felt and feel great.

Its been about a year since i left the house alone, for me this is a major step and im actually excited and proud. I now walk a mile to the buss stop to save on catching 2 busses and save money, instead of walking to the bustop outside my house (if i catch that id need to get 2 buses and costs money :()

a litle bit of self strenght can go far!!

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im so happy for you.It has actually cheered me up reading your post. I am also starting college tomorow.Very scared as im not sure how i will cope.My walking stick has become a permanent fixture lately.I am only going for three and half hours a week.Are you going full time.

keep going and never give up.

take care.

h x

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That's great news! It's so wonderful when we are able to exceed our expectations of what our body can handle. I know breaking through those barriers is quite a feeling. It may seem small to someone else, but it feels like a party to us when we can finally do something "normal" that we've wanted to do for a long time.

Congrats and thanks for sharing!


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Hi thanks for that :(

Yes im going full time. My next day is thursday. My english lesson is on the A Block, low floor, i just hope the rest of my lessons are. Im doing 4 hours a day, so its not that much really.

Well colledge has been well, ive had the odd chest pain, since being home, and the anixety has been present ever since ive been on this PC. I actually think its doing more harm them good.

I also noticed since i been back water hasnt been regular. Talking of that ill go get a glass.

I hope you day at colledge goes down well. How come you need a walking stick?

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:( Good for you!!!!!!!!!!! Like my cousin always says "when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain to change, people change."

Keep up the good attitude, it makes all the difference in the world. I try to crank up my sense of humor. So we faint, we panic, we vonit. The other night I went out to eat with 3 of my friends I haven't seen in months- major panic set in, I ended up with syncope lying on the sidewalk outside of the restaurant for 1/2 hour. People walked by me thinking I was drunk, I just commented "the marguaritas are wonderful."

Don't be discouraged by a setback, like everyone, we'll have some days that are worse than others. Keep up the good work.


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well done! that's great!!! I should add that I used to faint in classes all the time at uni--my tutors were lovely, used to cover me in blankets and read shakespeare to me til I felt better, and then getch me a nice cup of tea (SO st andrews though!)

If anything untoward happens, there are always people who know what to do. So don't feel frightened

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Guest Finrussak

I too have had SEVERE panic attacks....over the years they come and go...I am SO IMPRESSED by your inner strength!!! I know exactly what you feel and it took so much for you to perservere...keep going you can do it!!!


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Hi all may i take a few moments to thank you all, your support has been wonderful!

My timetable is:

Monday: English Litrature (4 HOURS)

Tuesday: History (4 HOURS)

Wednesday: DAY OFF!

Thursday: English (4 HOURS)

Firday: Maths (4 HOURS)

Plus i gotta doa tutorial and an Hour I.T lesson, dunno when that is though. If non of you already guessed, im trainning to be an English teacher, just as well becuase i hate Maths! but its compulsery. Im expected to pass 4 out 6 assignments at a level 3 in maths, thats an A-LEVEL standard! Thats gonna be the hardest part of it all, studying and making sure i get the points i need for university.

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