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BAD BAD day yesterday!!


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Hey all..

Hope that you all are feeling OK..

Well I am still suffering from this god awful insomnia.. and it is really starting to effect me.. Thursday I didnt get to sleep till like 8-9am.. and then I only slept a few hours.. well when I woke up I was having bad POTSY spells.. I had to get ready for an appointment.. (I had allready cancelled twice and didnt want to caccell a 3rd time).. well anyways.. I attempted to take a shower and I started getting so sick.. and dizzy feeling..

I got out.. and my feet no sooner touch the floor and I started throwing up.. over and over.. I couldnt seem to stop..then I started getting that funny feeling that I get right before I pass out..UGH!!

well I went on like this all day.. couldnt eat or drink anything.. couldnt keep it down.. and around 4-5 pm I started getting a headache.. and it just got worse and worse.. and I took some tylenol and tried to sleep.. and couldnt..

to make a long story short..the headache got worse and worse.. and my neck started to hurt like crazy.. and come 3 am the pain in my legs started.. and it just got worse and worse as the day (or night) went on..

I finally feel asleep after 10am yesterday (friday) morning..woke up a few times.. and finally the pain.. my god I couldnt take it any more.. I was in tears it was so bad..

I crawled out of bed.. and put my shoes on.. and caved and went to the ER..(i had called my docs office .. but my reg. doc was out of the office. and the on call doc.. wouldnt call anyhting in for pain unless she know what is causing the pain..)

So I went to the ER.. and they were much better this time around..I think that it was quite visable that I was in pain..my eyes were so blood shot looking..even the edges of the eyelids were RED.. they looked like somebodydropped red food coloring in them.. and they were so just weird looking..

well they triaged me.. and my BP was high 144/103.. and I was slightly tachy at 120.. they got me in right away.. and they started and IV.. (thank god!) and gave me IV meds of compazine and torodol.. wow.. they gave me such relief..

and they had that IV bag running fast.I'd say that that bag was empty in about 30-45 minutes.. and I could move alittle better.. and wasnt in as much pain as I was when i first got there..

My eyes were still really blood shot looking.. and the whites of my eyes were allmost purple loooking.. do any of you get that?

Well I took a cab home.. and crawled back into bed.at about 7pm.. and zonked out till about 12am.. got up ate alittle (fianlly!) and jugged some water and gatorade.. then feel back to sleep till 5am..

When i first woke up I felt ok.. pain wasnt to bad.. but no that I have been up a while.. the pain is returning.. :) it is starting in the back of my head and going all the way down my entir body.. and its an OUCHIE!!

Well I am going to try and catch some more ZZZ"S..

thanks for listening guys.. I neeeded to vent.. it gets so frustrating at times.. especailly when they cant figure out he cause of your pain! :unsure:


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I am so sorry about your pain. I hope you got more sleep and hope you get feeling better.

Atleast at the ER they were able to help some.

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Hi guys..

thank you for your wonderful support!!

No they did no blood work.. or testing..they just looked back at my records from june when I was admitted there..

and hooked me up!!

My butt is kinda dragging today... but i do feel somewhat better today then I did yesterday.. I am keeping a constant stream of extra strength tylenol going every 4-6 hours..I can move my neck better.. and I look better today then I did yesterday.. thats a plus!!

I too am surprised at how quickly the hospital staff moved yesterday.. and that they were actually NICE!! what a change.. cant say that I have even encountered Nice ER staff.. till now..

well thanks again!

BIG BEAR HUGS to you all!


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