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How early in age can POTS be detected?


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Hi all,

A couple of years ago my son was diangosed with a heart mumur and also a couple of his veins around or in his heart are what they called perforated. He has a yearly check up every April. With the fact he had only gained a couple of pounds and growed a few inches they didn't do an ultra sound on his heart this year, the Doctor said that we would do the ultra sounds every other year. The doctor said for as small as he is (5years, and 32 pounds) that these problems should not bother him, and has put no limits on the things he does.

For a while now he has complained about his legs hurting. I just thought it was growing pains. With now that I have been diagnosed with POTS, I am concerned for him.

The past week when we were at the fair, he usually rode in the stroller, I would ask about him getting out to look at things, but he usually just stay in. A couple of times when he would get out and walk any amount, he said he would get tired, his legs hurt, and he would get in the stroller and put in feet up on the canapy over the front seat. At first without thinking, I told him to get his feet down, then he replied, "but mommy it makes my legs feel better". The light bulb went on and I replied, "then keep them up." I called his heart doctor, but she has been on vacation. I tried again, and they said she would back in tommorrow, to call then. So of course I plan to.

I guess I'm just wondering if in fact they could diangose a child of 5. I have been keeping a close eye on him. When he plays, he seems he gets winded easily, and he just lays down, and he will get better. I guess the first thing is check his heart to make sure it is still ok, or as ok as it was, but I am concered that if or can I pass it onto him.

Sorry if this sort of question has been brought up. Just worried for him and hopefully the doctor can find something out.

I pushed myself a little to much at the fair, got sick, and now have broncittis(?), just what I need, but now watching him even more closely, stressing about that.

Sorry about rambling, just concered. Any input would be greatly accepted.

Worried mother,


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I can't comment on murmurs and stuff, but I had growing pains in my legs for as long as I could remember and I still do get them- I'm 24 this month! I've since found ut that I actually have Ehlers Danlos type 3 (hypermobility type) and that this could cause th epain I experience.

I just wonder if hypermobility could have a bearing on it- esp as it is so closely linked to POTS now...

maybe worth mentioning to a Dr somewhere?

Try not to panic too much....we are all here for you!

P x :(

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Thank you, I am trying to keep my sanity :(

I will check up on Ehlers Danlos. Thank you. Hopefully the doctor will be back in tom, and will see him. I am not sure if she even knows about POTS, or if she will have to send me to someone else.

Waiting for answers.


I just wanted to add that again, THIS IS A GREAT PLACE TO BE!!! ;)

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Thank you all! :P

Steph, I will read up when I get a few extra minutes. My son is really small, but as I grew up I was never on the growth chart, short and skinny. I am now only 5'3and 1/4". Yes have to throw in that 1/4.lol. Seriously though I am concerned and will update when I have talked or seen his heart doctor.

Yes he is flexable, so I will question about that. When he does complain about his legs, I hold them up and massage his legs, he says that when i do that, that they do feel better. I'll keep in touch thank you guys so much, everyone is so great on here.

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Just to update, his heart doctor was to be back on Thursday. Well, when I reached the office on Thursday they informed she wouldn't be back till Monday.

I'll try to get him to drink some milk and see if that helps. thanks

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