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Hi guys,

3 weeks ago I went to see the SSDI doctor who had to judge on my SSDI payment (as I thought). After talking (I handed him my medical file on which I had been working for quite some time) he told me that he would send a report to someone they call employment expert. Based on this report this last person's job is to see if there is a job (that doesn't need to be nearby or anything) that I could be able to do. And the employment expert didn't find one. That means that I keep my disability payment, as she told me on the phone this morning. It was very considerate of her to call me instead of asking me to come over to her office.

My former employer is firing me officially, so this means the end of my professional carreer. I feel so sad. I do know that keeping my payment helps my family and me, but I loved to work, I loved my job, and I loved having collegues.

Well, I just wanted to let you know,


Oh, miriam, if you're reading, I'm thinking of you.

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congrats on geting your SSDI.. that is wonderful! your hard work paid off..

I can sympathize with your feelings of sadness about work.. maybe there is something brightere and better ahead in your future...



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thanks for all your sweet words! I knew you would understand. I'm still feeling very sad, but I know this just takes time (don't we always get over anything and everything!). I feel a bit guilty too because there are a lot of you who definitely deserve to get their payment and just don't.

Thanks for reminding me of my most important job Steph, you are right: being a mommy is the best job I ever had (besides: I consider myself the manager of our little household too).

As I temporarily stopped the painting (it was too much to get my stuff) I started to color, which I like also. We still have very nice weather so I hope to be able to go out on my scooter this afternoon.

Knowing that you guys are here and understand how I feel really makes a big difference, thanks a lot,


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Guest Julia59


I am really happy to hear your benefits will continue. I'm sorry you still have to be sick enough to qualify---you know what I mean. No one wants to feel this bad---bad enough to not be able to work. But now you can get on with living and taking care of your family----and not worry about trying to work when your body simply won't let you.

I tried to go back to work, and I would get worn out just from going to the interviews. I knew full well in the back of my mind that I was not ready to work, and most of the jobs I applied for were "full time". I wanted part time only, and was still not sure if I could handle that. Now I know for sure I could never handle that. This was two/three years ago when I felt somewhat better after my cervical spine surgery, so i went and took further classes, but after completeting the program, I started having further decline in my health.

After taking care of one of the patients that come to Toledo to see Dr. Grubb for one week, it was the defining point for me. All I had to do was go up to the hospital twice a day for two hours each day----4 hours total. This was a lot like a part time job would have been. I crashed pretty hard from it, and this is what made my decision to file for the SSDI. It was a tough decision to make, and I don't know if this person I helped realized how much they helped me. By helping them I was able to see if I could handle a regular part time schedule. I used to work full time for over 15 years, and then about 50 hours a week as an office mgr. after that. I can't imagine that now.

When I first got sick I missed a lot of time. My boss was decent about it, but the regional VP fired me. I made them sign a layoff slip because I just had an excellent job performance rating in Dec. 2000, and this was only April that I was being let go. I did not want a dismissal showing up on my record. It was clearly due to my health that I was being let go.

My SSDI has been denied twice, and I have been subjected to the SSDI's doctor lying about my condition. He is under investigation now by the Ohio Senators office. My attorney will handle the rest. SSDI is very difficult to get.

I wish you all the best, and hope that some day you will be able to be well enough to work again.

Julie :0)

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