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Nighttime Urination


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@bblassmith Excessive urination can be a symptoms of POTS. I personally do not tolerate oral fluids because they go straight through me and I will actually pee out more than I take in, even when coupled with huge amounts of salt. I also pee excessively when I am stimulated or stressed. So in my case I get infusions of Lactated Ringer solution twice a week, and that has GREATLY improved my symptoms. However - this is rarely done due to the risks associated with permanent IV access. 

I would definitely discuss this symptoms with your physician. Withholding fluids to avoid getting up to go to the bathroom is probably not a good idea, but then neither is not getting any sleep. Some people on this forum dealt with this problem by drinking large amounts during the day and then drinking several glasses of water right before getting up in the morning. They keep water at the bedside so they can drink it first thing, and that helps them not get dizzy in the morning when getting up, and to counteract not drinking fluids at night. 

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One of my health care providers had suggested Nocturia and had me raise the head of the bed 12 inches. it did work but seemed to take forever to get used to. Eventually i did abandoned this for other reasons. I would definitely bring this up with your Doc.

I am sure my need to go all the time is due to some component of Dysautonomia just not sure what. I also was recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and makes more sense for my need to pee all the time. 

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