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alternative to cooling vest

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I am really wanting to go outside, and was looking at the cooling vests online, and really it does not seem to be an ideal solution as they are so bulky looking. We called all sporting good stores, bicycle, running stores and no one has one and I hate to order one on the internet to look at it. If someone has one with ice pack type of thing, and it is not too bulky, could you give me the brand? Have any of you made something yourself that stays cold for a period of time? I am in TX and still have a month of hot weather to go. Thanks, Jennifer

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I have a Cool Sport brand cooling vest. I like it very much. Yes it is bulky. I usually wear it over a thin T-shirt and then put a long sleeved, unbottoned shirt over the top to keep off the sun.

Another thing I do is to take a dishtowel and roll ice up in it and put a rubber band on each end of the roll to keep the ice from coming out. Then I wet the whole thing slightly in cold water. Then I wear it around my neck. As it gets hotter, the ice melts and keeps the towel wet and I wear it over a t-shirt which then wicks the water from the towel and keeps my whole upper body wet and cool.

I really don't mind the bulk of the cool vest. I am so sensitivie to heat that I don't give a darn what I look like, just care that I can go and do what I have to do. I even wore that vest to church over a dress once. Yes it looked strange. However, no one said one word about it.

I wear both vest and towel when I ride my bike for fifteen minutes in the mornings. I wear them even if it is below 70 degrees when I go and believe me the wind on a bike makes the air cooler than it actually is.

Michigan Jan

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I have a cooling vest from Silver Eagle Outfitters. It's the kind that you dip in water and so it is not as heavy or bulky as some of the other cooling vests. I've worn it on the 90+ and 100 degree humid days in NY and it definitely helps to keep me cool, although I am not sure how it compares to the vests that you pt in the freezer. I'll be visiting TX in a couple of weeks and I am nervous about it, because I know the sun is really strong!


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