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HyperPOTS and medication reactions.


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Hi folks.

Just curious if anyone with POTS or hyperPOTS has ever needed to use an epi-pen, and whether it is safe to do so on those who already have labile BP?

I'm also trying to find an anti-histamine that is safe for those of us with heart issues and BP issues. Any suggestions most welcome (I will of course run it by my doctor, too).

Thanks so much.


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Loratadine aggravated my POTS a ton.  I took 10 mg daily and my HR would spike while simply reading or doing paperwork, I would have chest pain, and the rhythm was not normal.  Once I stopped taking it I saw such drastic improvement that I generally only have a pots flare from large postural changes or exercise.  My heart rhythm went back to mostly normal without it.

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