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Has SSRI helped anyone with their nausea?


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I started SSRi's with the intention that it would help my POTS symptoms and that would help clear up my nausea. I didn't get this confirmed by a doctor I just wanted to give it a shot.


Has anyone got nausea relief from SSRI's? :rolleyes:

I know I need to wait longer but I've been sick for 3 weeks and if noone had good results as far as nausea than I'm going to have to reevaluate this SSRI thing.

I was doing better off it than I am on. :)


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SSRI did help with my POTS, but I didn't take it specifically for nausea so I can't say whether it helps with that or not. But I have a miracle cure for nausea and vomiting that I have never heard anyone say did not work for them. Take 250 mg of ginger capsules four times daily along with peppermint capsules (just take as directed on label). These work wonders. If you have any problem with diarrhea get the peppermint as leaves in a capsule not as an oil because when you get the oil and have diarrhea, it burns really badly coming out...sorry to be so graphic! But taking ginger and peppermint has really helped any nausea that I have ever had. Also, I have never experienced any increased POTS symptoms from either of these as I do with anti-nausea meds! Good luck...you can buy these at any health food store or pharmacy!


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in the PAST i think my celexa/lexapro (made changes b/c of insurance & with no difficulty) did help with my nausea some...or at least with my motility a bit. this year it didn't though as i was on the lexapro when my nausea/vomiting/weight loss (gastroparesis-based) were at their worst this past year. when i weaned off pre-vanderbilt i wasn't put back on after and am doing better. i don't think the "better" has anything to do with not being on the SSRI, just that the SSRI was no longer helping me. but of course, as par the course, we're all SO different. otherwise what would we have to talk about on here?? hehe.


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