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Headache that won't go away


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I am one of the lucky ones who is not prone to headaches or migraines. I only get headaches when I'm sick or overtired and Ibuprofen generally works wonders.

We had a nasty virus going around last week (at first I thought the pain was from my Lyme disease acting up) but then one of my kids, my neighbor, and her daughter all got the same thing. It started with a few days of feeling very achy, with shooting pains in the limbs and horrible muscle aches. My skin hurt so bad I didn't want to be touched...days 3 & 4 I had a low grade fever, enough to give me the chills all night long...again Motrin came through for me and allowed me to at least take care of the little ones. That's about it except for a scratchy throat and inability to taste food for a few days, there were virtually no respiratory symptoms. The next 2 days I felt better, no fever, but still very sore. I figured I was getting better but then this headache started. That was 4 days ago!

It hurts at the top of my head and temples all the time, and is worse when I wake up. Bending over and/or sneezing are excruciating, but I am still able to do daily tasks. Motrin does NOT help. Even taking 600mg alternated with Tylenol did nothing. It doesn't sounds like sinus or a migraine...anyone have input? I did wake up again this morning with mild body aches again, I am hoping the virus is still just hanging around or something- though everyone else recovered in about 4-5 days. I am just frustrated and tired of feeling yuck... you know how it takesus longer to recover from this stuff!!

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I can't say I had the exact same experience, but this winter, I got a flu virus that hung around for months when my family got rid of it in a week or two. Just want to say that I empathize with the virus that won't leave. Hope you get some much needed improvement soon. It must be hard to get the rest you need to recover when you have responsibilities and little ones to take care of!


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I think that particular type of headache is referred to as a cluster headache. It is not uncommon for strange headaches to prelude, accompany, or follow a bad virus. If you still have the headache or it gets more severe in a few days, put a call into a nurse to see whether you need to be seen. A word of warning- doctors like to attribute headaches to stress- especially, those that don't get better with medicine.


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I've had the same nasty virus for about 3 weeks now.... My husband and mother have had it as well. It just wont seem to go away..... Lots of muscle aches, feverish on and off, fatigued, and head aching..... Also I have had stomache upset with it.

I am not sure what it is but lots of people around here have it and it seems to be particularly nasty in the fact that it wont go away fast...

I keep thinking I am Getting better than get hit with round 2 , 3 etc....

I hope it clears up fast for you and you feel better soon! :)

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Jenn...that sounds like the exact same thing! After I wrote this post, I started getting a 103 fever and upset stomach, then my son woke up this morning with fever and vomiting. Ugghhh!! It just won't leaveand we keep getting new symptoms. I guess it isn't just POTS junk this time since everyone around us is sick too.

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Hi Jessica - Yup it sure sounds like the same thing.... My mother has had severe vomiting with this... I have just been naseaus and diarreah ( yay!).

Its been aweful.... I keeo thinking I' gettig better then I go back to square one....

Now my muscles are killing me again and all I want to do is sleep.

I have been to the Dr and to the ER about 3 weeks ago.... they said its a bad virus and has been going around since the end of spring...

I guess b/c I the strange weather patterns these bugs are living even through summer... lucky us!

My IV fluids at home have helped me through it a bit...

Make sure to stay well hydrated. I hope you get better very soon! :lol:

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