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licorice root


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Dosage of herbs is really dependent upon the person taking them, and of course whether they are a child or an adult. First, ask a health pracitioner who is familiar with the herb to see what he or she thinks. Personally, I always start out small and work my way up to a higher dosage, always monitoring myself for any negative side effects.

When I first got POTs last summer, I worked my way up to about 3 -4 grams per day of licorice root (divided between breakfast and lunchtime). Then I gradually cut back to 1 gram. And now I don't take it at all, (except if I'm experiencing a bad slump) since my POTs has greatly improved.

Licorice root helps the body retain water by encouraging the body produce to produce aldesterone (the hormone that regulates salt and fluid balance). Many people with chronic fatique or tired adrenals take it as well.

All of the literature I've read about licorice recommends not to take it more than 6 weeks. Under my doc's supervision I took it for about 8-10 weeks and then gave my body a break for several weeks and then would start again. My doc monitored my potassium levels to make sure they weren't being depleted (at very high doses, this can happen). It has a similar effect to Florinef, but is usually much gentler and safer.

AS with all herbs and medicines there are side effects to consider, one of them can be those horrible headaches that people sometimes get when taking Florinef. (However, many of the side effects like fluid retention and higher blood pressure are the reasons why POTS people take the licorice root.)

Here are some links to precautions/side effects: http://www.personalhealthzone.com/licorice.html


You can also google "Baschetti" and "licorice root", as this Italian researcher has done a lot of research on licorice root and has a certain regimen and dosage he prescribes for his patients.

This is probably more info than you wanted...ha ha, but I hope it helps! :)


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