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  1. Has anyone ever had a spect scan before ? Our son's Dr. would like our son to have one done since his brainfog is so bad.We have not be able to find anything to help.. Laura
  2. My 18 year old son has had pots for 3 and half years now. Now my daugher is showing signs also. For over a year now she has been dizzy upon standing and her standing heart rate is between 120 - 130. We are waiting for some blood work from the Dr. to check for other things.Thyroid etc..... She was negative for Mono but she is ALWAYS tired and never feels rested. I am very worried------ No one in our family seems to have POTS so I guess I and concerned about this. The only way to really find out is the tilt table Right right........................????? Thanks Laura
  3. My 18 year old son has pots.There are more women than men who have pots, I remember reading this in one of Dr. Grubb articles. Yes, the brainfog can be awful my son struggles daily with this and we can't seem to find anything that helps-
  4. Our son just started taking licorice root twice a day( 500mg ). Our Dr. didn't know alot about it but is letting us try it. What do most people take and how often ? Can you stay on it long term and do you need your potasisum levels taken ?
  5. Our son's new Cardio suggested we try sudafed 30 mg one a day, so far my son has felt more dizzy and thought he was going to pass out. I know we have only giveen it two days but man when you feel like that after taking it. I would like to stop until we talk to heer again. He does take 100 zoloft and procrit shots. She thought the 100 zoloft was high and thought about decreasing this as a 2nd plan if the sudafed wasn't helping with the brain fog. Has anyone had luck with sudafed ??
  6. Yes good thoughts are sent your way- we can never have too many! Laura
  7. I have always been interested in this CoQ10 since reading an article on brain fog. http://home.tampabay.rr.com/lymecfs/brainfog.htm This Dr. says that CoQ10 helps brain fog and have always wanted my son to try it. Have any of you noticed that it helped with your brain fog? He also mentioned that Neurontin was helpful for brain fog also. Anyone try this ? Laura
  8. Just wondering if anyone has gone to any of these Dr's David G. Bennditt or Scott Sakaguchi in Minnesota? There names came of the this website. They are at Fairview University Medical Center. Thanks Laura
  9. Anthony, Do check out Dynakids my son is 17 and has pots. They have a forum for you to talk to other teens with autonomic dysfunctions . Best of Luck to you- I know it can be scary Drink plenty of water and increase your salt until you find out your tests results
  10. Ginnysgirl, I feel for you and your daughter. My 17 year old son has pots also and has severe brain fog and can't remember much either. He is a senior this year and has been homebound. We tried wellbutrin for the brain fog but it didn't help but it has helped others. Dynakids has a parent forum which might be helpful for you to talk to other parents of teens. Good luck and feel free to e-mail me if you like. Laura
  11. How much adderall do you take for fatigue and brain fog ??
  12. 1. Josh 2. 17 3. POTS 4. 15 5. St. Paul , Minnesota 6. severe brain FOG, ringing in ears, dizziness, fatigue, elevated HR, trouble sleeping 7. hasn't been any- nothing helps him FEEL better 8. high salt, gatorade, midodrine, inderal, metoprolol, mestinon, zoloft, wellbutrin, provigil. 9. nothing so far he is homebound and can't go to school
  13. Blackwolf Do you think you can drink too much gatoraide ?? My son perfers that because of the sodium in it but now I wonder if the sugar is bad for him. He continues to have brain fog and feel crummy 24/7. ??
  14. that would be fine if you could function. my sons brain fog is so bad he can't go to school andhas trouble remembering which class to go to next. each day the brain fog get worse and worse and they keep telling us to wait. He is a senior in high school and need to graduate. How long can he wait !!!
  15. Anyone have suggestions on stopping on ssri ? Do you really need to decrease over several weeks, or can you go quicker if you already feel so crummy and sick from the med ?? Thanks
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