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extra heart muscle and tachycardia...


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Hi all.. I have an other question for you..

i was talking to my mom.. about my tachycardia.. and she told me that I have had a high heart rate since i was born..

(alittle side note.. I was born 3 1/2 months premature.. and had heart surgery at less then 10 days old..)

anyways my mom said that the cardiologist told her that my heart beats much faster because I have extra heart muscle.. from my surgery..

How do you get extra heart muscle??

I dont know ...it just adds to my belief that i have had pots/ ans probs. since birth..looking back on how sick I was as a child and teeneager.. and now as a adult.. i can see where things that were just "ignored" very well could have been pots..

but I was curious if any of you have ever been told that you have extra heart muscle..

dizzy girl

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No, I have never been told that, but I was told earlier that my heart skips beats, but as I had the testing done recently, they told me that it doesn't skips beats, just beats to fast.

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linda -

this is a personal conjecture, NOT official medical info, but my one thought its that after having surgery one could have scar tissue that would thus be "extra" heart muscle?

and, more officially (meaning i've actually read this in medical stuff, not that it's necessarily the case for you), when the heart has to work harder for various reasons it can cause enlargement...sometimes a problem, sometimes totally benign.

regardless, it sounds like you may have some puzzle pieces to ask the doc about.

let us know how things go when/if you find out any more info.


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Not sure if this is the same thing but when I was about 11 I had to get all sorts of heart tests and they determined that I had extra tissue on my heart that balloons and I guess was causing a problem. Ever since then I had to take antibiotics before the dentist and for awhile I thought that what they really saw or heard was my MVP but now I wonder if back then my POTS was all ready showing and I just did not realize it. Hmmm. That was probably around 1980 or 81. I know I had an echo and some stress tests and again the conclusion was extra tissue ballooning but of course whenever I tell a doctor about that today they look at me like I am crazy.

Stacey :-)

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Hi stacey..

I too, when I had dental work done or have to have a surgical proceddure of some kind.. have to have antiobiotics first..

I see my cardio next week so I am going to talk to him about the muscle thing.. and see what he says..

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