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Sitting BP Higher than Supine and Standing Blood Pressure

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Hi All,

I have been measuring my blood pressure in supine, sitting and standing positions and I have noticed that my sitting blood pressure is significantly higher than my supine and standing blood pressure.

Standing BP is lowest followed by Supine and Sitting is highest.

Another thing I have noticed is that transitioning from a standing to supine position my blood pressure increases by 15-20 points systolic and 8-12 points diastolic, is this normal?

This does not make sense to me, has anyone else expirienced anything like this?


Thanks in advance!

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 In a normal person, the BP is lowest when lying down, increases from lying down to sitting, and from sitting  to standing.  If you go directly from lying down  to standing it would also increase.  If you take it in reverse, BP lowers from standing to sitting  and sitting to lying down or standing diretly to lowing down.  The reactions you descried above are normal, except that in healthy people BP doesn't drop from sitting to standing. When it drops that is called orthostasis, which is a symptom for dysautonomia.   If you are orthostatic while standing, your BP would then correct itself when you sit or lie back down (reverse of what happened when you stood up).  

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