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  1. Do you have EDS by any chance?
  2. Hi All, my hands and legs go numb very often when I am laying down or sitting in a position where there is a little bit of pressure on them is this normal with POTS? When I am sleeping most of the times my arms are numb.
  3. Hi guys, I have been consistently getting a resting BP of 122/77 (sitting BP) since a very long time and since the past few weeks it has changed to 135/91 (sitting BP) and standing BP which use to be 135/92 to 111/77. I was suspected to have hyperadrenergic POTs and always had a high standing bp and normal sitting bp. Has anyone else experienced something similar where the BP's flip sides? My HR still goes up which is consistent with POTS.
  4. Is yours under 10 mmHg or more? Mine seems to be more than that.
  5. @Pistol have you also noticed a difference in blood pressure for the right and left arm? I have a bp of 137/90 in left arm and 121/79 in right arm. I read online that this could be due to peripheral artery disease, however I'm only 25. Do I need to be concerned or is this normal with dysautonomia?
  6. Hi @Goldfinch Standing BP should always be measured with your arm resting at your heart level relaxed. I learnt this because I did alot of experimenting and whenever I would let the arm hang it would be extremely high eg 150/100 and next minute I took it arm resting at heart level and the BP was 125/85. I suspect I also have a mild version of HyperPots, when I stand up from a sitting position both my HR and BP increase, however its not as extreme as some other people on this forum. I haven't been tested for HyperPots yet because it is very difficult to find a Dysautonomia specialist where I live in Melbourne, Australia. I have been tested for the following below. - Echocardiogram (Normal) - ECG/EKG (Normal) - Full Blood Evaluation and Blood Tests for Vitamin D, Iron, B12, Folate, LFT, Cholestrol and FE (Normal) - 24 Hour Catecholamines Urine Test (Results Pending) - 24 Hour Holter Monitor (Normal) - Brain MRI (Normal)
  7. I currently use an Omron digital one for the arm. That's interesting to know because if the position is wrong then you can be hypertensive.
  8. @Pistol Would it be normal to get such a big difference?
  9. I have undiagnosed HyperPots since about 9-10 years and I have not been taking any medication. I have had all the tests done several times to check my heart and everything has been clear. (ECG, ECHO, 24 hr Holter etc) When I walk a little my BP shoots up to 150 - 160's Systolic and 100+ Diastolic. But here is where it gets complicated, when I take the BP with my arm down the BP is 160/108 and if I rest my arm at heart level standing it is 130/90. Which of these measurements are more accurate? If the one pointing arm down is correct then does that mean I can have a stroke by just walking a little? I have been booked for a 24hr BP Monitor, does that mean if the arm down method is incorrect the measurements for everyone on 24hr BP Monitor is incorrect as well? Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks for the reply @Pistol Do you take all this medication together? And have you also been checked for Pheochromocytoma?
  11. Does anyone elses Blood Pressure fluctuate wildly between readings? My BP can increase from the slightest of activity for example switching sides in bed or walking a little etc. These activities can increase my bp from 124/82 to 150/95. I currently have POTs with a increase in HR and diastolic BP upon standing. I am concerned about the regular spikes in my bp while doing regular activities.
  12. @PistolHi thanks for the reply 😀 I have had several ecgs, echocardiograms, holter monitors and when I had my TTT the bp fell instead of rising. The weird thing is that my bp spike when standing only lasts a few seconds then returns to normal. But when I walk or run the diastolic rises with systolic so if my systolic is 140 the diastolic will be 100. If I work out sitting only the systolic rises and disstolic falls slightly. I have never taken any meds. I suspect this is from vasoconstriction/hypovolemia when I am standing. What meds do you take?
  13. Hi I have POTs but when I stand up from a sitting position the hr goes up 30+ and bp rises slightly, if my sitting bp is 125/82 then standing rises to 128/90 then it drops down to 118/82. I expiremented after running a bit that my bp rose to 145/100. Is this normal? My main concern is that the diastolic is rising too much but then it falls quickly too with the next measurement. Most people on the internet say that only systolic rises during excercise but no one talks about diastolic. There is very little information about diastolic rises. Does this temporary spike during excercise harm me? I am suspecting I have hyper-pots because I have never fainted but hr rises above 100.
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