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weird color in feet..again


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I know, by asking, that a lot of you guys get the blood pooling and red or purple feet. And I uderstand that some of you , like me , also get blueish tints sometimes, and cold feet. Now I've got a new one. Does anyone get a darkish color to thier feet. It seems lately I get this dark color along with purple and then a white tinge on top. Very weird. It actually looks like my feet are getting dirty. I start out with nice clean light feet and then they look like they are dirty. I have PCOS and I know that insulin resistance causes a dirty look to your skin, but I think it generally stays, once it's there..I think. This comes when my feet are still on the floor for a minute. And goes back to normal once I pick them up. I'm just trying to figure out what's going on here because I also can't walk much without this squeezing pain in my legs. Te more I walk the worse it gets. Until I get faint, and nauseous. I don't know if it's the POTS or maybe another kind of circulation problem. My doc was gonna send me to a doctor for circulation( forgot the name :) when he first saw the odd color of my legs. Then the next time I saw him, they just turned red, so he said, Oh It's okay, you're getting blood to your feet, so you don't need a circulation test. I told him sometimes they get weird colors but he just brushed it aside. Now I'm mad I didn't force the issue. They just have this way of confusing you sometimes.

Any feedback appreciated.


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My feet turn purple whenever I sit with them on the floor. They can turn a really dark purple. I have not experienced the white overtones. As soon as I get up and walk, the purple goes away and my feet go back to looking normal.

My docs have seen this and are not concerned about it. This is just my experience.

Michigan Jan

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*looks at her own deep blue/purple feet*

mine get a blotchy appearance sometimes but i dont think i would call it dirty. I do get spots where it goes kind of whiteish .. its a strange colour .. kind of looks like the colour id imagine a dead body to look. There go my chances of being a foot/hand model heh.

Its so annoying when our bodies happen to behave themselves while at the drs but as soon as you get home they go all nutty again.

I suppose as long as it goes back to normal it should be ok however if your pain that you describe is new or getting worse then you should get it checked out if you feel you need to. Is the squeezing pain kind of like a burning squeezing pain?

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my feet get purple and the veins bulge after a very short period of time of putting them down, and they feel heavy and that makes my head feel worse, very lightheaded, but the feet turn back to normal color as soon as i elevate them again, so i make sure i keep them elevated most of the time, sorry i wish i knew the answers ,


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