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Not sure what to do????


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Hello all,

Last week was a big week for me, I worked way too many hours, then came home to help my husband with his paper work with his new company, and pulled off a big party for our colse friends. By Sunday night I was so beat that I just wanted to sleep for a full day! When I wake up to my alarm clock on Monday, I got up to my heart racing and feeling hot than cool and I was beat red when I lloked at myself in the mirror. My doctor that I see for the pots is 2 hours away and is always seems to be too busy, I went up and saw him two weeks ago and all he did was up the meds, and adjust my pacemaker. I called my family doctor, and when and saw him where he tryied to joke around with me to make me feel better, but my heart was still out a rythem, as I am righting this now I am waiting for my family doctor to call and see what he says my pots doctor said to do........ I am so tired of fighting this, the ups and downs are getting to me too much. Everytime I start to get better, and finally get back to work fulltime, I push it to hard, or start to get sick again! It's always the same thing. THe big problem os my husband is self empolyeed so I cover all the insurace. I am in a very stressfull job, I think causes part of the problem, I don't know what to do, but I am sick of new meds and them telling me it going to get better. Does it ever get better? :)

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sorry to hear that your not doing so great. Unfortunately pots is not something that most of the time just goes away; however , you do go through times that you feel pretty good. The most important thing is to learn not to push yourself when you do feel good. Try to keep in mind that feeling good with this disorder is a blessing and does not always last that long.

I actually go through spells to where there are days I can't even move my eyes without feeling like I am going to pass out. So when I do feel good I remind myself I still need lots of rest so maybe I can hold on to the good feeling a while.

Things that help me : Make sure I don't get too hot, Take a nap in between things such as when you get home from work and doing your husbands paperwork, Drink plenty of water and try too avoid caffeine, Never have too much pride too ask for help............

These are just a few ways that help me too stay on top of things. Make sure you do rest every day this is the most important, I take a nap daily and If I miss my nap I can tell a huge difference. I know It probably sounds crazy for a nap too be so important to an adult, but this gives your mind time to rest too.

Hope things get better for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best wishes,

Rita s

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Just want to say that I sympathize. I was flat on my back for over a month and gradually things started to improve. When i was actually able to drive and go to work again, i tried to take it slow, but ended up feeling pressured to "act normally" and went beyond my limits. Finally after 3 weeks of this my body said "no more" and I went back to square one again. I'm still trying to get out of the hole, but once i do, i know i won't take it for granted and feel cured like i did last time. From what my doctor friend told me, this illness is a series of ups and downs and we just have to hold out hope that in the future, there will be many more "ups"...maybe a permanent up! I think one of my problems is letting other people's expectations of me rule my life. I'm trying to learn that i can't socially or professionally make everyone happy. I just have to do what I'm capable of doing. It's really hard to do. Anyway, just saying that I understand, and it is very frustrating to deal with roller coaster health.


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I'm sorry about the way you feel.

I was just finally diagnosed in the beginning of July. The meds they put me on, wearing the support hose and cutting out the pop and chocolate made a world of difference. Then I over did it because I felt so good. Starting eating a few candies, thinking a few won't hurt. I learned the hard way. I was down for about 2 days of feeling just crappy. Couldn't do a thing without getting out of breath. Taking care of my 3 kids just about do me in, but as I am learning, you have to take it easy even on the good days.

Hope you are feeling better.

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sorry to hear that you're having a rough time, and i don't at all want to minimize that or the frustration it must be causing BUT after reading about your busy last week i just wanted to point out that it would make anyone tired! so....i guess i just don't want you to automatically think that you have gotten a lot worse beyond having worn yourself out. i know that doesn't help you feel a bit better in the moment, but like others said, you may be doing better - as evidenced by your ability to get through all that you did last week while you were doing - but may have to learn to pace yourself more in order to not pay the piper after the fact. there are lots of ups & downs with POTS & other autonomic issues (pun intended) and realizing that one's body can't do quite as much as one would have been able to in the past - to varying degrees - is something that takes awhile to get used to. for some it's a daily issue & may always be, for others it rares its head only occassionally. it definitely is hard & frustrating, but i've come to learn that i often do best - the definition of which changes constantly - by staying as "steady" as possible day-to-day, not going overboard, etc. by doing this i had several years of darn good symptom control, as have many others.

hope you come out of your POTShole soon and that you're able to figure out the right balance for you. it's tough and often changes overtime but can be done.

hang in there,


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