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Dr. Grubb


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Yep, anyone can go to see him. My first appointment was several years ago, and after my insurance picked up a portion, I owed 175$ usd.


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yes, in theory anyone can see him. the waiting list is fairly long though, and while i don't know this for sure i've heard that you now need a referral to get scheduled as a new patient...i'm not certain about this as i've been seeing him since 97, and was not the case then.

i know it's been mentioned in earlier posts (and don't mean to sound like a broken record!), but the option is always there to get an appointment scheduled knowing you can always cancel it later with plenty of folks thrilled to have it made available.

in terms of mayo vs. dr. grubb, the only mayo experience i have is hearing dr. low speak at the ndrf conference, but like others have said mayo is more testing-focused whereas dr.grubb is not. an appointment with dr. grubb doesn't include any testing other than what can be done sitting/standing in the office. (i'd already had a TTT before seeing him the first time and since have had more extensive testing while living in baltimore & as a research patient at vanderbilt...at times this year when he was out on leave)

regarding the money issue i can't help as i've been lucky to always have him on my insurance and thus have no more than a $25 co-pay.

good luck with everything...i know this can all be SO incredibly taxing even with good doc support and so much more so without...


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