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amazing migraine/HA clinic


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I just wanted to let everyone know about this amazing headache clinic I went to yesterday. It is called Michigan head pain and neurologic institute. My first visit was all day. First you get tons of lab work, but luckily I only got one pinch!! Then you go into a seminar to educate new patients about the clinic and about the different types of headaches. Then you are assigned a nurse who is with you all day and who takes a complete (and I mean complete) medical history. She spent about two hours with me. And then you see the doc who also spent about two hours with me. Then they have all new patients see a psychiatrist to make sure that you are dealing with the pain okay and to recommend any non-medicinal treatments like biofeedback or relaxation therapies. Then I had an EEG and EKG. They are putting me into the hospital for about two weeks to try new treatments and also to break my rebound cycle. But it is really neat because they have their own unit in the hospital that is only headache patients. The thing that impressed me the most is they were very familiar and educated about POTS, EDS, and fibromyalgia. It is the only clinic in the world like it and they get patients from all over the world. So I am being admitted tomorrow. I am very nervous because they are taking me off all pain meds and starting me on new preventative meds. They also are going to treat my joint pain without narcotics!! Their website if anyone is interested is: Michigan head pain and neurological institute I know that many people on this forum experience headaches so I thought that I would pass it on. I hope everyone is doing well!! I let you know about my experience when I return!


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as always, it is great to know about a medical resource that is knowledgeable...and has staff who ar respectful of the patient. Thanks for sharing your experience.


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Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Please also update us when you are finished with your stay at the hospital.

This sounds like quite a find for you! It also sounds like an approach to illness that could be helpful for other illnesses/diseases other than headaches.

I have to admit that being in the hospital for two weeks sounds absolutely dreadful to me. BUT...that being said, I think it is AMAZING that you will be so well monitored. I am sure it will be tough going off of your narcotic meds and also trying new meds for pain. It is reassuring that you will be monitored during this process, especially given the challenges many of us with POTS have with med sensitivities. Right now I am just going off of Ambien and earlier I went off of Dexedrine...and let me tell you...that has been hard enough for me! I know, I'm a wimp!

I am hoping you have lots of nurses like morgan...kind and compassionate and knowledgable who treat you with respect. The program sounds quite impressive and I hope your experience is just as good as the initial visit was. I also hope that you will find some meds to better manage your pain and symptoms.

Thank you again for sharing.

Funny side note: Only one prick, huh??? I was in the ER two weeks ago and they kept coming back for more blood...saying, oh we're sorry we need another tube. Or, oops, that sample wasn't good, we need another one. Only problem is that I have horrible veins! So, it was a challenge! So, yeah for only ONE prick! B) The kid in the bed next to me was throwing an absolute FIT about getting a strep test done! I wanted to slap him...isn't that terrible??? I was thinking, um, a strep test? I'll take that! :)

Good luck and please let us know what you learn!


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