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Can spicy food trigger episodes/fainting?


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The 2nd time I was going into fainting but never fully went out, I had taken a cayenne pepper pill for the first time to reduce blood pressure. Now that I've been checking my blood pressure a lot, my pressure is never consistent. I'm not sure how long that's been going on.

So tonight, I ate like 15 pepperoncini peppers. They aren't too hot. I love spicy food. About 20 minutes later, I felt it coming on as if I was about to faint. This is while I'm laying in bed. I got hot fast so I turned on my box fan and pointed it towards me and layed down. My face was flushed and hot to the touch. My heart was beating really hard. Although that could of been because I was freaking out. Fainting scares me because I feel like I'm fighting for my life.


I layed flat for a few mins and tried to relax. Of course my wife was worried and trying to calm me down and seeing if I needed to go to the hospital. I said no let me just try and relax. I seem okay now. I was wondering if spicy food can trigger this? 


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