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Problems with controlling bleeding


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Hi Everyone,

I am not sure if this is part of EDS or POTS, but I have had trouble with controlling bleeding on several occasions. On one occasions I went for a blood test and the blood ran down my arm and went on the floor and all down the nurse. She had to get a colleague to stop with her patient and assist. The nurse said that in 10 years experience that this had only ever occurred once. I now realise that I am especially vulnerable at the time of menstruation, and will avoid a blood test now at this time.

Also, if a drug states that it is to be avoided by persons taking warfarin, then I find it helpful also to avoid it, because these drugs make my blood incredibly thin to the extent that it loses the sticky feel and becomes like water.

My doctor did do a general blood test (I understand that there are more specific ones which can be carried out), but this was ok.

I am concerned about the implications of this, and so I will go for further testing.

Thanks for any comments.


MaryJo :unsure:

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Hi MaryJo

Yes EDSers can have extended bleeding tmes more than normal. There is a tendency to have prolonged bleeding in spite of normal coagulation status [beighton, 1993; Steinmann et al., 1993]. They may also have mentrual flow be affected. That's why EDSers also bruise so easily and freq. If you are concerned, your doc could order a bleeding time test just to be sure that there is nothing else that is going on. Mine was about 10 minutes to coag which is longer than normal but nothing was wrong with my blood. I hope this helps. good luck

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There is at least one member of this board who has a diagnosis of a genetic bleeding disorder. I can't recall her name, but you might try searching using the search feature in the upper right corner of the page.


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very interesting...i was just told last week (for the first time) that i probably have EDS & also have had some issues with bleeding periodically. for me it isn't an all the time thing but this past year right after my GB surgery i had a few blood draws wherein it was tough for them to get the bleeding to stop, a skin biopsy where the doc said i bled more than she'd ever seen, and a few horrific bruises that prompted quite a bit of concern & testing from the docs. when i had the tests all were within normal parameters although nutritionally i was starting to get into trouble b/c of my GI issues so we sort of decided that my body must have been pushed over the edge in that regard & was doing a bit better by the time i had the testing as i haven't had a problem since. for the most part it was one really weird month that corresponded with the rest of me being even more out of whack than "normal" too.

never a dull moment...


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