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Warning about chiropractic

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Chiropractic manipulation of the cervical spine (i.e., the neck) can damage the vertebral arteries, possibly leading to disabling or lethal stroke. No one really knows how often this occurs. However, there seems to be no evidence that manipulation of the cervical spine is otherwise actually beneficial. Buyer beware.



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Thanks for that info as I was debating on seeing a chiropractic neurologist who does manual manipulations. He said I had a problem at my brain stem. I have been nervous because I don't want manual. Currently I see a chiropractor who uses a manipulation tool I don't know how effective it is but there is no manual pulling, cracking, or tugging. They just use a tool and click it on problem areas. I know it has helped with my nausea and shoulder, neck stiffness. Maybe I'll just stick with him since there are no risks of hurting my neck or giving me any extra neurological problems.



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