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Coffee okay, but not alcohol


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I can chug a triple shot cappuccino and my heart rate will barely go up.  If I have one drink of  alcohol of any form (beer, wine, liquor, etc…), my heart rate goes up and I feel extremely tired.  I feel pleasantly relaxed for about 15 minutes,  but I then I often feel terrible (but not always). 

Does anyone else have this reaction?  For what it’s worth, I have inappropriate sinus tachycardia, stage one gastroparesis, and nearly POTS symptoms on the tilt table test.

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I think everyone's sensitivity levels are different. I don't drink at all anymore, because even one drink leaves me feeling awful the entire next day. Also, I've had a couple instances where alcohol put my body into hypothermia. So I pretty much just avoid it. 

Coffee definitely raises my heart rate, but it also raises my blood pressure (which is normally extremely low) and lessens my dysautonomia symptoms. So for me it's beneficial. 

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