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Narrow Pulse Pressure

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This came up as a side point in a different thread, so bringing it up again.

anyone know anything about this? My pulse pressure is often less than 20pts.,usually at night, with other (usually mild)shocklike symptoms. Thought this was just par for the course, does this mean that a bp of say 85/70 is worse or more serious than a bp of 85/50???


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I'd like to understand this too. Mine is usually a 30-40 point spread, but there are times that I am most symptomatic or when lying that the spread decreases to 20 or lower. The lowest was a 6 point spread. I hope someone understands this and can help us.


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I did a couple searches on the web yesterday after reading about this, because I also have narrow pulse pressure. Mine is usually 30 points, although sometimes more or less. In addition to hypovolemia, I read that it can be related to low cardiac output. That may be another reason we get tachy - our hearts don't pump out enough blood and so they have to work extra hard.

My BP has always been 90/60 pre-POTS. My mom's is too and she doesn't have dysautonomia. Doctors have always commented to me that I am lucky and this is better than 120/80. (Although if I had 120/80 I might not have POTS!) But this leads me to think that a pulse pressure of less than 40 isn't necessarily bad. If the numbers are too close together or reversed I do think it makes sense to check with your doctor. If anyone talks to their doctor about this I'd be curious.


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