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Symptoms without tachycardia?


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I'm new to treating my highs and lows as POTS, so I've been trying to pay closer attention to my heart and other symptoms so I can get a better understanding of my condition.

This afternoon, I suddenly felt very hot like my face was burning and my feet were sweaty. I was overcome with nausea and dizziness and my body felt like it was incredibly heavy. One of my pupils was slightly dilated as well. My heart felt like it was pounding in my chest, so when I took my heart rate I was really surprised that it was only around 90 when standing and 77 when reclining. I thought that the high heart rate caused the dizziness etc. I didn't think I would have these symptoms without the high heart rate.

Is this typical of POTS? It's possible that I felt bad for another reason, but I'm not sure. This condition is confusing and I'm trying to sort it out.

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I have had similar experiences. My doc explains that autonomic nervous system disorders are ultimately brain issues. Our autonomic nervous system is in charge of everything you described....temperature regulation, pupil dilation, heart beats, sweating....so it's rather "normal" for those of us with autonomic dysfunction. Pots is just one specific form of this disorder but ultimately it's all in the brain. You might consider looking for a dr who provides brain based therapy.

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