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New research on POTS - Possible Epigenetic (togglable gene expression) roots?


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This article came out a week ago.  


The research paper was apparently also published in https://insight.jci.org/articles/view/90183.  Assuming this passes through peer review, it's possible we have a new route to explore in POTS causes.

To summarize, researchers claimed to identify the markers for why a particular gene, NET, turns off in POTS patients.  Apparently, there is an FDA-approved drug that will turn it back on in vitro, and they are looking into other routes.

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Thanks for sharing!

Brittany Murphy's brother discussed her having had POTs (or maybe it was general dysautonomia? I can't remember at the moment) in an interview.

Is the article suggesting chemotherapy for POTs? I can't quite grasp what the research concluded as I've been pretty out of it today. 

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Guest KiminOrlando

Interesting read, Kaevne. Well, the parts that I could follow. :)

Is this the kind of thing we would take to a Hematologist or just my regular cardio that treats my dysautonomia? It almost sounds like we may need to consult a geneticist to see if we have this- I don't know, it isn't really a mutation, is it? Just a deactivation? I think they are on to something with this because my norepinephrine is flowing, but my receptors are just ignoring it. If I could just hit the reset button... 

Please keep us informed.


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Love epigenetics! It will eventually be a huge source for therapeutic options for many different diseases caused by a combination of genetic traits and environmental triggers. I am glad to see that this is happening with POTS.... impressive progress for a "new" disorder! (relatively speaking)

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