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Normal resting heart rate and flu


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It's been a few years since I've had the flu (thankfully!) but the last time I did it was a bad case of it and my resting pulse went from it's normal ~35-55 bpm up to ~90-100 bpm.   IIRC my blood pressure also went up quite a bit during this time.  It felt quite uncomfortable, but as others have mentioned, elevated BP + pulse are normal when the body's immune system is cranking away. 

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I have a cold right now, and my resting heart rate is 100+. This is while on propranolol, florenif, midodrine, etc. 

I feel like some of us, especially with POTS and other dysautonomias are extremely sensitive to changes within our bodys, and environments. For instance, being a little sick, not getting enough sleep, getting too hot, etc. causes me to be very tachycardic.

Hope you feel better!  

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Mine shoots up during a viral infection.  I had a nasty flu this winter and my resting heart rate was above my normal standing heart rate (130+).  My mom, who does not have POTS, also had a resting HR similar to mine the first two days.  Sometimes I feel a little better with a mild cold because it increases my blood pressure slightly.

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