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  1. Mine shoots up during a viral infection. I had a nasty flu this winter and my resting heart rate was above my normal standing heart rate (130+). My mom, who does not have POTS, also had a resting HR similar to mine the first two days. Sometimes I feel a little better with a mild cold because it increases my blood pressure slightly.
  2. Marsha, I am sorry for everything you are going through. I also wanted to chime in that I relapsed horribly this year and a low dose of zoloft (which you can combine with buspar, I believe) is really helping to pull me out. BP/HR/body temperature/sleeping/eating is more stable. I did have a few weeks of side effects but they were worth it! I hope you find relief soon.
  3. I had this happen but only while I was taking 10mg of amitriptyline (2 years), it was very strange! I had it in one or both ears, usually the right side. Sometimes it would happen if I was exercising, panicking or feeling faint and it also seemed to go along with eating salty takeout food. For me, it seemed related to adrenaline and migraines.
  4. I love ginger but it gives me digestive problems. It speeds up my already too-rapid gastric emptying which leads to stomach/intestinal spasms and other IBS issues. I also get bile reflux if I have too much ginger but it helps with my nausea beyond that. I never noticed it lowering my already low BP though.
  5. I go to PT and could not exercise without it. I am doing the pre-training months for the Levine program but I get so sore from bad posture/hyper mobility that I could not do it without the help of an awesome PT and chiropractor to put me back together. I do get a lot of help with how to exercise in PT as well. I get super tight in my neck/shoulders from POTS (coat hanger pain).
  6. That is an interesting article. I do not have MAST issues (as far as I know, at least!) but I had problems taking a vitamin d3 supplement (my levels were around 14 the one time I had them checked). I would get very restless, some tachycardia, and muscle spasms that resulted in headaches. I found that if I take it with magnesium, I do not have those side effects. I read somewhere on the internet that vitamin d can use up magnesium stores, I have no idea if that is accurate or not though. What kind of side effects did you experience from taking vitamin d?
  7. I too have low vitamin D. I have about a 14. I started to take 1,000 mg of D3 once per day at my neurologists recommendation (I know this is much lower than most other doctors prescribe). I started to feel very ill from the supplement. Jittery, heart paliptations and everything on such a low dose. I read somewhere that vitamin D can use up magesium (which my blood work did not show as being low but I am a long term Nexium user). I paired my D3 with a low dose of Magnesium Calm and found that got rid of my vitamin D supplement side effects. We hardly get any sun up in Vermont but I will be making a point to get outside more next summer! I also plan on seeing a naturopathic doctor and will see if she wants to check my vitamin D levels.
  8. I am sorry to hear about your awful experience. Did they numb your throat first with a spray or gel? I had sedation with an anesthesiologist and I was still awake for most of it. Screaming/retching/crying with the tube down my throat (which was not numb). I had to be bagged because I started to go below 70% blood oxygen. I found out I was given propofol, versed, fentanyl, and ketamine when I paid to see my medical records - no wonder I stopped breathing on my own! I left with a black and blue throat and was pretty scarred mentally after that. I have woken up during every other general anesthesia except for one where I was intubated but they assured me propofol would be lovely! I hope you got good endoscopy results at least
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