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Shortness of Breath


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I woke up in the middle of the night last night feeling like I couldn't breath. Tried tossing and turning and when i tried to fall back asleep i still felt like i couldn't breathe. I got up and realized I had a headache as well and walked around a little bit to see if maybe somehow i was sleeping in some way that was cutting off my air and i still couldn't breathe right. Shortness of breath and chest tightness. Did my  inhaler. The shortness of breath and headache lasted for like an hour. Finally went away and I could fall back asleep. It was such a weird spell! Never happened before! Has anyone else had anything similar? 

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It is very scary when you are short of breath.  I wound up in the hospital one evening because I was short of breath and having episodes of bradycardia. During this time I was also having problems with cervicogenic headaches/migraines as well.  I went in thinking I was having a heart attack.  My doctor ordered a holter monitor after this. I think my autonomic nervous system had been aggravated and my muscles were tightening in my chest (myofacial).  It's always good to have these types of situations evaluated by a doctor.

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Do you have a pulse oximeter where you could measure your oxygen levels? When I get SOB from my Dysautonomia, I check it and it calms me to know I'm oxygenating properly. They are cheap if you wanted to buy one. My doc doesn't like me going to the ER cause he says they will "mess you up" with drugs. He also said SOB can definitely be the Dysautonomia. The problem lies in knowing when to go and when not to. Make a plan with your physician. Mine has an on-call service that I can pay for to use at any hour. I can contact him via facetime or phone and he can direct me as what to do. I've never used him like that but it'd be great for when I'm not certain if I should head out to the ER. And like the others said... when in doubt: GO!

Hope you feel better!

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