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Overdid it today


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I feel like I overdid it today. First off I have been super tired this week probably from the time change. I keep waking up in the morning like an hour and a half early. Fall back asleep then wake up like every five minutes until i finally get up at 8:30. Then I had work today  for 5 hrs. Then got home around 630-7. My parents have me do my chores before 8 no exceptions and I got home at 7 or 10 minutes before. Then I filled my pills, which took like 20 minutes then emptied the dishwasher, put the dishes in the dishwasher, then ran the sweeper around the house and fed the dogs their snack and finally sat down here at 8. Did not help that it was hot at work when I was shelving books. Then it was hot at home even though we had the doors and windows open. Finally relaxing but still feeling kind of crappy. Does anyone ever get so overtired from overdoing it that when you finally sit down to relax you get palpitations and just feel worse and anxious? That is how I am feeling. Its frustrating. 

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When I have to force my body to keep going because I have things I have to do, I find it hard to unwind afterward. I feel like my body starts running on adrenaline while I'm trying to get through the tasks, then when I can finally rest, it takes a while to get the adrenaline out of my system.

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