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I'm planning a trip with my 15 year old son. We live in Wisconsin and are traveling to Seattle June 22nd. Anyone had the "train experience." Just curious. We have a room

ette. I just worry about everything.


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i think having one of those little rooms would help b/c at least you have a potty!

that is my nightmare...not being able to pee! :D we travelled by train to NYC right before i got sick and we just were in the regular part...but all of the bathrooms were disgusting and most of the toilets clogged...it was awful and i cannot go that long without peeing! my mom made it the whole 7 hours! i guess i would just be ready for delays with the train! but otherwise, i have not tips! sorry! emily

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I've taken the train from Chicago to Ohio five times or so, and to Denver as well. I've had OK experiences ... we did not have a sleeper for our trips, so I wasn't very comfortable sleeping in my chair (plus I had an infant on my lap as well!). The only things I feel I should warn you about is the food is not very good, and there's a limited selection. And more importantly, the train is NEVER on time. It can run a whole day late sometimes. Plan on it being late, and if you are early, well then, it will be a surprise.

I try so hard to support Amtrak because it's nice to have an alternative to flying/driving, but I tell you, some of the workers are very unhappy/rude and the trains are not very clean. Plus with them being late all the time. I don't know if the problem is the gov't not giving them enough money, or if Amtrak shouldn't get anything because they're so incompetent. OK, rant over.


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Hi, I've never been on a train here in the States, but I took a train from Italy to Paris while in Europe. I just want to warn you that looking out the windows can bring on motion sickness pretty quickly for some.

I would suggest avoiding the window, or possibly taking a dramamine will help. Luckily most of the trip was during the night, because I really was torn between wanting to see the scenery, and wanting to throw up! :D

I did however sleep incredibly well, I think the motion was soothing, even with 6 people to a cabin. I don't see any reason to be particularly POTS concerned.

Hope you have a great trip!


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Hi Dawn -

I have never Amtracked it myself but my mom has become a regular, and on pretty long distances (Baltimore to Toledo, OH)...and she LOVES is when compared to the alternatives for various reasons. She's talked about it more than I've needed to hear, so if you have any specific questions let me know...if I don't know already I can ask her for you...she'd be honored!


p.s. one negative...anywhere other than on the east coast, be prepared for delays, sometimes long ones. Amtrack doesn't own their tracks which means they're at others' mercy, which can me super late at times...

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