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Head Sensations Bothersome


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I've been experiencing odd head pain and sensations/symptoms.

I get pain directory in the back of my head. Pressure and pain.

I'm also getting these sharp needle like stabs on the sides of my head and on the top of my head left to right.

I also have this cold like sensation that travels through my scalp.

I have no idea why or what is causing this.

Anyone else?

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Hi Robstahlobstah,

I can relate. During a flare up I experience odd pressure and pain in my head too. Here's what it feels like -

- Like a very tight band has been placed around my head

- After an 'attack' my head will throb when I stand up and walk, when I lie down it's okay

- At times it feels like something is rattling/clicking in my head - it's weird

- Facial pressure

I'm seeing my neurologist at the start of December and I'm going to ask her about this.

If I find out anything interesting I will pass it on.



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YES YES YES. I have all sorts of head and eye pressures. Sometimes like somone pressing me down on top of head too. All day long, sitting and upright. I also feel a tingly head sensation too. Esp. when I get really nervous or anxious. From what I undesrtand its just the nerves acting up. Its my scariest symptom. Always makes me rethink what exactly is going on. I also have been having problems with sensory overload in stores like I just want to shut down (I just tried Christmas shopping and got anxious) and also in long conversations I get weird head stuff like its too much. (Teacher parent conferences were hard on me!) Is that normal to gets sensory overload too?

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I've had weird face/head sensations off an on for the last 4 years. I noticed it was really bad again the last two days. I kind of blamed it on the weather. A front came through here yesterday and today it's better. It was like the muscles under my scalp were tightening up and scalp was tingling. Sometimes I get a weird stabbing pain also. Like I'm being poked with a pin in the head.

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